Our world, our marriages, our women and our children are in need of real men. Listed below are some of the qualities, not all, of real men.

1. Godliness
A real man is a man that is godly. He knows God. A real man is a man that submits to God. He is a child of God and has God as his authority.

A man that doesn’t know God, is that one a real man? Real men know God.

2. Defence
A real man doesn’t beat his woman rather he defends his woman from harm and danger.

A man that beats his woman is not a real man but a weak man, a disgrace to manhood. No be we send am..

3. Protects
A real man protects his woman from hurt, unruly and annoying family members. He ensures his woman’s security and safety.

4. Caring
A real man is caring. He maintains and treats his woman right. He shows concern for the general well-being of his woman.

5. Provides
A real man provides for his own. There are men that does not care whether or not their women have eaten. A real man provides his woman with the necessary things of life that will make life easier and comfortable for his woman.

6. Invests
A real man spends and invests his woman. He builds, develops, improves and enhances his woman in every area, physically, intellectually, spiritually, emotionally etc.


7. Love
A real man is a lover boy. He doesn’t hide his feelings but shamelessly expresses his love to his beloved. Real men no dey hide emotion.

8. Respect
A real man has regard for his women. He treats her right, honors her, respects her opinion, decisions and personality.

9. Self Control
A real man is a man of discipline. He has control over his emotions, manhood and appetite.

10. Hardworking
A real man is a man of diligence and hardworking. He’s not a lazy man. He works hard to provide for his own family.

11. Faithfulness
A real man doesn’t sleep around with different women. A real man is faithful to one woman to one woman. He doesn’t have side chics and chickens.

12. Submits To Authority
A real man has an authority over his head. He is not a free or lone ranger. He has someone that respects and is accountable to.

13. Purpose Driven
A real man is purpose driven. He has a direction for his life. He knows where he is going in life and is committed to it.

14. Sensitive
A real man is sensitive to the needs and moods of his woman. He anticipates his woman’s needs. He is considerate and understanding.

15. Romantic
A real man is a romantic man, a hopeless romantic. He plays, laughs and jokes with his woman. A real man doesn’t form hard man. He releases himself unto his woman.

Be a real man.



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