“She had 2 abortions for Him, now, she’s pregnant again & he wants another abortion”

A Nigerian Lady is seeking advise for her friend.. She wrote:


My girlfriend came to my house yesterday and during girls chit chat, she told me something that is kind of baffling to me.

She met this guy late 2015 on facebook and they later met in person. They have been in relationship since then till now. She told me she had 2 abortions for him last year immidiately she missed her period by taking a drug. He gave her his reasons, that he is not yet buoyant to foot pregnancy, baby, traditional marriage and that his place is too small to house relations that may want to visit.

She missed her period 4days ago and she told her boyfriend she will want to keep it and suggested him paying only bride price since he had the plan to marry her like he said, but he told her that, that will obstruct his plan to travel out by him making use of his budgeted money and also it is expensive for him now to keep to take care of pregnancy,mother and baby. He then suggested she starts taking unripe papaya, parsley leaves etc to miscarry since she just missed her period. She came to me feeling confused.

I told her if the guy truly loves her and want to make her future wife finances shouldn’t be the problem…but in all, the decision is hers to make. It is obvious this guy is not that serious but may be wrong.

Just wondering how many of you would decide to marry their present girlfriend if such case presents itself. Though i do not support marriage because of pregnancy.”


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