26-Year-Old Lawyer And NYSC Member Dies After Brief Illness (Photos)

A promising Nigerian lawyer, Barr. Royal Ngaobiwu has died leaving family and friends in a state of unbelievable shock.The 26-year-old handsome son of Chief Ngaobiwu Celestine, the immediate past member representing Obowo state Constituency in the Imo State House of Assembly died on Friday, 1st of April, 2018 at the Federal Medical Center, Owerri after a brief illness.

Before his death, Royal was an amiable, smart and humble fellow who was most loved by his friends.

Many of his friends have taken to social media to mourn him following the devastating news.
Barr. Royal Ngaobiwu3

A colleague, Muntasir Adamu Kanam wrote: “Royal Eselu Ngaobiwu: Adieu my brother

A good reputation is better than precious perfume; likewise, the day of one’s death is better than the day of one’s birth – Ecclesiastes 7:1 (NIRV).

Some hours ago, I received the news of the sudden demise of my friend turn brother Royal Eselu Ngaobiwu who passed away yesterday after a sudden illness in Owerri, Imo State.

In law school, we belonged to the same group (Group 10) under the mentorship of Dr. Emmanuel Oluwafemi Olowononi and he was my subgroup leader. In the hostel, his room was directly above mine. We always discuss and argue about what is happening in Nigeria, it’s future and our desire to by God’s grace, contribute to making it the giant of Africa in true sense of word. Our reasonings and thoughts were always the same because he was a Progressive like me who believed so much in the unity of Nigeria.

I often called him the future Governor of Imo State. No doubt, he had all the criteria that a leader should have, he is intelligent, urbane,great lawyer, suave, charismatic, patriotic and confident. Imo and Nigeria, has truly lost a great personality.

My man, as we loved to call each other; you were born a star, remained so and even died a gold star. You touched my life in many ways. I admired you. Your death reminded me of two verses in the Glorious Qur’an where Allah said “Every soul shall taste death” and “I created death also to serve as a lesson to those still living”

The world missed you cause you made such a huge difference. I often wondered why you were so loved, adored and admired by many, but now I know the reason why “Good people go only too soon, they have only a short time to leave their footprints in the sand of time”.

You will not be forgotten. I promise you this! By God’s grace, as long as I’m here before I join you, I will continue to stand by those ideals we both shared. May God console your family and we your loved ones.

Rest in peace my man

I care,

Muntasir Adamu Kanam.”

Uzoma Deborah C added: “Yesterday, it was very unusual for me. As I walked down MCC road your thoughts kept ringing in my mind. I can’t really tell why?

Having confirmed your exit on this planet, May our good God grant you eternal rest.

And if any man has a hand to your untimely exit , He/She will face death while living.

It’s so Painful that just a few months after your call to Bar,you’re gone. That you died on the commemoration of the Resurrection of Jesus.

Adieu Royal !!!

May God console your family.”

Divinefavour Asibe wrote: “AM SHORT OF WORDS…

I have cried out my eyes….

Can’t still believe you are gone, the cold hands of death took u away frim us….my humble, smart, intelligent bro…words can’t describe how I feel right now….

The lawyer who doesn’t discriminate… Bro Ro Ro itz just two years that Go Go left us and now you….Death has taken an important person from me, Bro Royal…. U where so good to all around you… ..I just wish this is not real…..I just wish u will call or text and say itz nt real….Miss u big bro…tho we where not too close but u are a kind of bro everyone will wish fore….RIP….BRO Royal Eselu Ngaobiwu TILL WE MEET TO PART NO MORE….”

Barr. Royal Ngaobiwu1

Chiguzom Isiguzo added: “THE BREAKING NEWS THAT BROKE ME:

It was on a calm easter Monday, the wind billowed gently, the morning was chilly and the atmosphere was peaceful. I had my day all planned out in my head and then by accident, I came online and received the news that shook the very foundations of my psyche: THAT ROYAL NGAOBIWU WAS DEAD rather RT HON ROYAL NGAOBIWU(speaker emeritus, Lawsa IMSU House of Assembly).

I had to ask myself whether I was still asleep or awake but the nightmare has refused to end and reality has become more real. I wouldn’t claim to have known Royal in a very personal level, but to the extent I knew him, he inspired me a great deal.

He was always very calm, collected and gentle. He was also very articulate; as young as he was, his oratory prowess was exquisite. Whenever I heard him speak, I felt like I didn’t learn English very well; He was indeed the IDEAL SPEAKER. His dress-scense was superb.
Barr. Royal Ngaobiwu2
More importantly, I could tell he was a man of purpose & direction focused on achieving his dreams one day at a time.

One of my happiest moments in University was when he appointed me clerk of the House. Coming from a senior I admired so much, I saw it as an affirmation that I was not so bad after all. In many ways I became Speaker because he was there before me.

Now that he is no more I don’t really know what else to do, but to pray for his family and loved ones, value the gift of life the more and cherish the memory of the coolest senior I ever saw.


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