Ada Ameh Nigerian Youths Should Learn From The Ka3na Tattoo Saga

Ada Ameh Nigerian Youths Should Learn From The Ka3na Tattoo Saga…
Nolly veteran Ada Ameh has come out to air her opinion about the Ka3na tattoo saga.


She took to her official Instagram handle @adaameh to air her opinion. According to her, it should be an eye opener to this social media generation of youths that its not every trend they see on social media they should jump on. They should learn to seek advice from their parents and older siblings before making certain decisions about jumping on trends most especially on social media.



She also condemned Ka3na’s reaction to her fan that tattoed her on her thigh. Here is what she said:


“Hi, good afternoon ladies and gentle men. Good afternoon all my beautiful amazing famz. Good afternoon Nigeria and the world totally. I bring you good tidings and some things i really need to talk about quickly. It might take some few minutes but i think before you actually watch this video to the end, you might learn one or two things. The youths of today are actually in a total m-e-s-s, i dont know where values have ran to, i dont know what our parents are doing anymore.
Its not just carrying a child for 9 months and giving birth to a child. And for some children in my language they call them Oyiminu, a child that gives birth to itself. There are some children that there is nothing that their parents will ever say or do for them that they will ever be contented with or appreciate because they want more, like we all want more.
I think our parents if you are a mother or a father, we should go back and take care of our chil should understand. Yoruba would say ‘Owo Odogba’, all our fingers are not equal, they can never be equal.



Ada Ameh Nigerian Youths Should Learn From The Ka3na Tattoo Saga…
There are somany things going on in Nigeria right now and the world at large. I remember when i was coming back from work and tune in to one of those stations, they were talking about another wave of Covid. And then the Bandits issues, herdsmen issue, out going governors, and so many issues. People talking around, here and there, Bokoharam, herdsmen, that is not the issue for me here. What brought me here is is simple. I remembered one day i bumped into one video. One young girl said she love Bobrisky so much she had to tattoo his picture on her body, Its okay, i remember some years ago i wanted to get a tattoo until i came across one verse in Leveticus. Am not trying to paint a picture, i have one big scar in my body i would have loved to cover with a tattoo. Not because i was ashamed of it, i just felt okay, not until my elder sister opened my eyes to the scripture, and i desist from it. Believe me i have friends who do have tattoo and am not against it, its an individual opinion, its what you want. But my problem with it is this, because Bobrisky did appreciate this fan of his that did that, beautiful. There is away somebody would show you they love and appreciate you and you would be moved to reward them. Bobrisky did and gave her money, and also promise to sponsor her trip it became a trend. People started doing it.



There is this girls own i saw and i was so upset. I dont know what her name is, i think she was in the Big Brother Nigeria, she was in the house then.
You went on Twitter, you wrote something you would have loved somebody to have a tattoo of you and this young lady did. You did not come to say what she did was wrong after she had done it. You came, did a video and you were all flirting with your hair, i dont know where the hair hung that you were flirting with it and you were being sarcastic, that was sarcasm as far as Ada Ameh is concerned, and that was very wicked , and its still wicked of you.


you know yourself, i dont know, i know after this video people that know her will tag her bacause she can never talk to me. If she dares it, she would know that some people are very good with the mouth too.
All of us get equal level but craze get category.


My point exactly is simple, When you were tweeting that, we dont know that a lot of people look up to us. Some people can crazily love you to a very desteuctive point. You encouraged her, she tattoed you, at the end of the day you came out to say she was wrong, you were giving instances, i couldn’t even finish the video because i was very angry. I wish Instagram had a place where you could have just sent a voice note, i would have done that, to that stupid girl. I call her stupid without any apology.


You came and you were blabbing, ah, that was wrong, medicine after death. You have done the damage already, you were the one that first asked. Apparently while you were in the house she liked you, and she called you her role model.



Ada Ameh Nigerian Youths Should Learn From The Ka3na Tattoo Saga…
I saw another video that the girl was crying and lamenting, she said she regretted it, taking that action.
In another video, the other girl that tattoed Bobrisky on her body was crying, as a mother i felt it. I was moved. I dont care if he is a cross dresser or not, its his business. Am not here to judge or condemn anybody, am not here to do that. There are certain things that i am not in support of and will never be. But my point is simple, she was embarrassed, she was assaulted, her dress was torn, people had to come to her rescue around that Ikorodu area.


Today i saw another video, she said her parents had disown her, thats her cup of tea. Its her cross, she should bear it. But you that lady, whats her name, the one that was in the BBN. Dont ever, dont ever do that. And the youths, our young men and women, please think very well before you take certain decisions. Seek your parents opinion. They might not be as civilised as you think you are, but have you asked yourself if they have passed through the time that you are passing through because of your age or influence?
Because i know pair influence have destroyed a lot of lives. Dont just see things and jump into it.


I remembed Nkechi Blessing on one of such videos that i saw, telling somebody dont do this, mache oh. I dont lie to myself because even if you do it, 1 Kobo you wont get from me. Are you guys doing this for the money? The money that you use to draw this tattoo cant you guys use it to start something, so when tou are on a cross road somebody will see you and support you?
See all the things, all that glitters are not gold. Before gold got its beauty that is appreciated today, it has to go through the fire. Thats to say if you are not born with a silver spoon, even if you are born with a silver spoon, ask your parents if it was all rosy for them. Its not all of us that our fathers are like Otedola, its not all of us that our fathers are like Dangote. Even Dangote himself go read about him, was his father very rich? MKO Abiola of blessed memory, he told his story too. If you dont count one you cant count two.”




Ada Ameh Nigerian Youths Should Learn From The Ka3na Tattoo Saga…
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