Ada Jesus Family Release Funeral Arrangements

Ada Jesus Family Release Funeral Arrangements…
The family of Skit content creator and Comediene Mmesoma Mercy Nnadi popularly known as Ada Jesus who passed away on the 21st of April 2021 at age 24, after under going a successful Kidney Disease Operation, has put out her funeral areangements and burial plans.



According to the informations on the funeral schedule, a Christian wake keeping and Comedy Night would be held on her behalf of Thursday the 27th of May 2021 by 8pm. She would be buried the next day being Friday the 28th at her husbands compound.



Ada Jesus Family Release Funeral Arrangements




Ada Jesus had a misunderstanding with Prophet Odumeje and Nollywood actress Rita Edochie before hwr death that many believed wad the reason she died.



According to the stories, she once clained to be organizing people who act miracles for prophet Odumejes ministry and get paid hugely for it. He asked her to come to the open with the people and prove to the world that her claims are right but she couldnt come up with any of them so he cursed her. It was his curse on her that made her fell ill, unknown to everyone that she had been struggling with kidney disease.



When her condition became critical, she went to his church with her family to plead for forgiveness but he gave her and her family a condition that he would only forgive her if she brought those people she claim to have organized for him to act miracles.



She also had a similar encounter with actress Rita Edochie who is a member of prophet Odumeje’s ministry. The stories say she claimed to have been organizing men for her who sleep with her and get paid. Rita refused her forgiveness at first when she begged for it but she later released a video via her official Instagram handle where she said she had forgiven Ada Jesus.



Some good Samaritans who are familiar with her condition, convinced het family that medical intervention could save her life as she is only suffering from Kidney failure. She was taken to the hospital and operated on but she passed out unfortunately after a successful surgery on the 21st of April.


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Our condolences to her family and relatives. Got something to say about this? Please feel free to comment below. Thanks for reading.


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