Aloma DMW When Davido Was Acused Of Killing Tagbo In 2017 I Was Offered 100 Million To Say He Did

Aloma DMW When Davido Was Acused Of Killing Tagbo In 2017 I Was Offered 100 Million To Say He Did…
Davido’s former personal assistant Idris Busari popularly known as Aloma DMW opened up in a sip and chat he had with veteran Nigerian rapper Jahbless on the 11th episode of his video podcast show JAHBLESS ORIGINAL INTELLIGENCE that featured him as guest.



In the sip and chat that lasted for over an hour, Aloma DMW took is into his life and revealed never before heard things about his struggles growing up in the streets of Ikotun and how people living in that axis of Lagos needs government intervention. He also revealed how he met Davido who took him from the streets and changed his life. Jahbless also asked him about former DMW artiste Lil Frosh and how he reacted when he heard his contract has been terminated by DMW. He said he felt bad but he is glad Lil Frosh has learnt his lessons and he is now a better person than he was when that incident occured.



He also talked about how it feels to be Davidos personal assistant. To him, the experience was worth it as it changed his life and made him who he is today. He revealed Davidos team get everything he gets and he does more than they expect. He was asked about his family life on which he revealed he has a son with his lover he named David after Davido. He also revealed that the DAVID tattoo on his arm is his sons name to remind himself of his son and his former boss and all the good things he did for him.



The most interesting part of the sip and chat that has caused a buzz on social media was when Jahbless took him to the October 2017 incident of Tagbo Umeike’s death that was rubbed on davido and his DMW crew. Aloma was a front man of the incident as himself, Davido’s driver Tunde Usutu, and another DMW crew member Agbeje Olaoye were the ones who took Tagbo to Lagos State general hospital, where he died. According to him, Tagbo died on his arms after thanking him for taking him to the hospital. He said they were at the hospital on emergency and no one attended to them for over 45 minutes until Tagbo died on excuse that the doctors on seat were all busy.



The three of them were later arrested and taken to the police station for further questioning where they remained for 18 days before the case was resolved on grounds that Tagbo died of soffocation as a result of over consumption of Tequila as Davido and his crew members wrote in their statements, after an autopsy was conducted on his body by the police.



Aloma revealed Davido was there for them all through their stay in the police station as he always visit them to find out how they were doing, and on one ocassion they thought they were going to spend 4 years in jail as Davido told them that the case is going against them as two other of his close friends who are also close to Tagbo, Olugbemiga Abiodun popularly known as Dj Olu and Chime Amechina were found dead in a car, parked at an underground car park at Ikoyi. Fingers also pointed at Davido as they put it that Dj Olu and Chime know something about Tagbos death that Davido and his DMW crew are trying to cover up. At this point, Tagbo’s lawyer, and one influential person in the entertainment industry he did not mention offered them a blank cheque of 100 million Naira to say Davido is responsible for Tagbo’s death, but they refused the money.



He also revealed that Davido and Burnaboy are good friends and that there is no beef between them but just a little misunderstanding that they can settle over a drink. Jahbless then asked him why he did a controversial live video warning Burnaboy to stay clear of Davido or face the other side of him which Davido condemned. He said he did it out of anger and Davido was mad at him for doing that. On whether he is still working for DMW, Aloma revealed he was never working for DMW but just Davido as his personal assistant.


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