Amputee Mary Daniels Is With Social Welfare Not The Police Lagos State Government

Amputee Mary Daniels Is With Social Welfare Not The Police Lagos State Government…
You must have been familiar with the story of the amputee Mary Daniels that was seen at Oshodi Hawking sachet water with her crutches and got captured with the camera by some well meaning Nigerians who posted the photos on their various social media handles that led to her being noticed by the Lagos State Government and some well meaning Nigerians who donated the sum of 25 million Naira to be handed over to her.



She also did a photo shoot on her birthday showing she is now living a good life, all thanks to the donors of the 25 Million Naira, that got Nigerians talking about how we all can take motivation from her story and how our challenges in life shouldnt stop us from going after our dreams or going out to make ends meet legally.



It was later reported that she has been arrested by the Lagos State Police who made investigations about her background and found out she lied about how she got amputated in the story she told tje public. According to the reports, she told the public she was amputated after she had an accident on which her parents and every other person died and she was the only survivor. The accident affected her right leg, so she had to be amputated.



The Lagos State Police said they found out the story was framed to get Nigerians empathetic about her situation as people that planned it with hwr had started asking for their share of the 25 Million Naira donated to her to get a better life. As at the time the police intervened, her accomplices had started threatening her they would reveal the truth to the public if she does not comply. They also revealed that she has been an amputee from birth and her father is still alive and well. According to them, she is not in police custody as she has been handed to a social welfare group and the leader of Kogi people in Lagos state, as she is from Kogi. About the 25 Million Naira, the Lagos State Government is holding until further notice. Soon as we gwt information on the next steps taken by the Lagos State Government, we will bring it to you.



With this story, one would wonder if Nigerians would want to help again if another situation like that of the amputee Mary Daniels is brought to the public for assistance. Would you donate to a call for help like that of the amputee if it gets to your notice with these revelations on Mary Daniels case? Let us know by commenting below. Thanks for reading.


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