Arnold Schwarzenegger make his rap debut

Arnold Schwarzenegger can now add ‘rapper’ to his resume as the actor has made his rap debut on a new song about his rise from bodybuilder to Hollywood heavyweight.

Teaming up with Austrian singer Andreas Gabalier, the former governor of California features on new track ‘Pump It Up – The Motivation Song’, where all the lyrics reference the star and all of his accomplishments, including his roles in The Terminator and Conan the Barbarian.

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While Gabalier takes lead on the song, midway through the track, Schwarzenegger breaks into rap: “Hey, I’m Arnold Schwarzenegger and listen carefully/ Dig deep down and ask yourself, who do you want to be/ Not what, but who – ff you believe success will come to you/ Work like hell, trust yourself, and all your dreams come true.”

Later on the track, he continues: “Break some rules, knock the wall, don’t be afraid to fail/ You have to think outside the box, I say no pain no gain/ I don’t want to hear it cannot be done, always give something back/ My name is Arnold Schwarzenegger and I’ll be back.”

Watch the video for ‘Pump It Up – The Motivation Song’ below:

Two weeks ago, Arnold Schwarzenegger was attacked while attending a sporting event in South Africa.

The actor and former Governor of California was being filmed by someone while he was taking photographs with fans at the edge of a sports court when a person drop-kicked him in the back.

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