Asuu Warns They Might Go On Strike Again

Asuu Warns They Might Go On Strike Again…
The Academic Staff Union Of Universities ( ASUU ) Seems to not have settled their disagreement with the government on the best sallary payment system the government should employ in the payment of their members sallary as the chairman of the University of Ibadan Chapter of the union Professor Ayo Akinwole has allerted the general public that the government is yet to meet their side of the agreement reached on Tuesday 22nd of December on which a memorandum of action was signed in good faith by both parties, that led to the reopening of public universities after a 10 months strike.



According to him, new Lecturers that were employed in February 2020 are yet to get a kobo of their sallaries because of their rejection of the Integrated Personal and Payroll Information System ( IPPIS ) over their preferred University Transparancy and Accountability Solution Software ( UTAS ). He also said the ones that have received payments are those owed 5 months outstanding sallary on nominal roles but its slow.



Asuu Warns They Might Go On Strike Again…
Speaking more on the issue Prof Ayo said the sallary deprivation situation is not only experienced in University of Ibadan as members of the union in other public Iniversities around the nation are still being owed 10 months sallary. He also warned that if the situation remains the same, they will be forced to go on another strike and the Federal Government should be blamed for it. Here is what the chairman said in person:



“While ASUU as a union, and her members as individuals in various branches have remained faithful to this agreement by returning to classes and performing their respective duties, the Federal Government, true to type, has reneged on its part.


Contrary to FGN affirmation of its commitment to pay all withheld salaries of ASUU members who have not enrolled in the Integrated Personnel and Payroll Information system (IPPIS), three months after the suspension of Strike, thousands of ASUU members across various branch are still being owed salaries.



Instead of deploying the University Transparency and Accountability Solution (UTAS) software developed by ASUU, which has been adjudged effective for payment of salaries, some of our members are still being denied their salaries and others are being coerced by agents of government to register on the repressive IPPIS for payment of salaries.


The Union ASUU and her members are made to suffer from all the aforementioned attacks by the federal government while the public expects our members, some of who now live on the charity of family members and colleagues for survival to use their personal resources to discharge their duties diligently in the universities.



These harsh conditions would have terrible consequences on public tertiary education in Nigeria and when push eventually comes to shove, as it definitely will in no distant future, the Nigerian public should accordingly blame the Federal Government for its insincerity.”



Dont know where Nigeria is going as a nation, cant point if we are progressing or regressing. If any nation must grow its educational sectoe will not suffer as the educational sector in Nigeria is suffering. These public institutions are the most patronized institutions in the nation, must the government play politics with it? These people have made it clear they dont want IPPIS a good government will not forve it on them by sallary deprivation. These people have families for crying out loud that they provide for with their sallaries. The students that are forced to stay at home waste years they would have used in employment staying at home. This consistent strike contribute to the lack of interest in public university education and age fraud which is a thing in the Nigerian civil service.


Asuu Warns They Might Go On Strike Again…
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