Barack Obama speaks on his wife running for US presidency.

Barack Obama

Former President of the United States, Barack Obama has declared that his wife will in no way run for presidency, quashing rumours of a possible 2020 bid.

Two weeks before the midterm elections kick off, Obama was back on the campaign trail, speaking in Nevada, and urging a rally of supporters to vote.

He said while his wife was not interested in the top job, “she is out there telling you to vote because the antidote to government by the powerful few is government by the organized, energized many”.

While one midterm election “would not fix everything”, Obama said it would be a start.

“One election isn’t going to eliminate poverty in America, but it will give more policies that help poor people.”

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Rumours have circulated about a possible run from the former first lady since the day Donald Trump took office.

The hashtag #Michelle2020 even trended on Twitter, with a big push beginning after she gave a knock-out speech at the Democratic Convention in July 2016.

Michelle denied any ambitions for the presidency recently, saying at a Simmons Leadership Conference that she didn’t want the job.

She said basing a person’s political ability on their ability to give a good speech was “problematic”.

Speaking in Nevada, Barack Obama also took aim at Trump’s talk of “economic miracles”.

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He said: “Remember who started it.”

“I hope people realise there’s a pattern that every time [Republicans] run things into the ground and we’ve got to clean it up.”


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