Bobrisky And James Brown Beef All You Should Know


Bobrisky And James Brown Beef All You Should Know…
A viral video emerged on Twitter of Nigerias social media celebrity cross dresser James Brown acusing Bobrisky of threatening to chase him of social media and get him arrested if he dont stop stealing her contents, and it got my attention. I know the two of them are good. James Brown see Bobrisky as an elder sister. What might have gone wrong? So i decided to check James Brown’s official Twitter handle @wf_jamesbrown and found the post there.


My reason for checking that Twitter handle is to get the full story myself. Something must be there that triggered Bobrisky to threaten chasing him off social media. I saw nothing but same video i saw earlier. Here is the content of the video and all he said:

“Hey durlings, its your boy James brown. Can you believe what happened this afternoon, Bobrisky reached out to me, i thought he wanted to greet me, heart me, Bobrisky threatened that i should leave whatever i am doing. Every content on my page that i should delete it. And that i am copying his contents. Please i want to ask you guys, am i copying Bobrisky’s contents? He even threatened to kill me.
Oni oma gbemi ni, Oma di kpelu mi ni. Am serious i was shocked because, i truly love Bobrisky. He was like, Oni mo fun eh 100k ( he said i gave you 100k ) , 100k ti mo fun eh nigbayen ( 100k that i gave you then ), mo gba help eh ( i used it to help you ).
Please Bobrisky, i will never fight with you. I repeat, i will never fight with you because i see you as an elder. There are some elders that dont want your own on go to go. If its the 100k you want Bobrisky i am ready to give it to you. Ko mean pe ki mo pe moje malu ma kin malu kabo ko possible ( it doesn’t mean because i eat cow i will greet cow welcome sir, its not possible ). Bobrisky i dont understand. You know i respect you so much. From the video you were like nobody reached out to me, bla bla bla. To be sincere, a lot of people reached out to me, you were the only one that posted on Instagram. During that time i got close to 500 thousand Naira, banki mi mole ri ( its in my bank that i saw it ). A lot of them stayed behind the scene. They just reached out to me to send my account number. They were like i like your boldness. But you reached out to me, you dash me money which is good. But i didn’t come to beg you for the money, so you cant use it to insult me. I never entered your dm to beg for the money, you gave the money to me out of your willingness, you get. So your contents and my contents are not the same thing, and am not scared of any denm fvcking thing, because i was born brick. I was born to star, i was born to shine. If you feel like this is a threat, trust me i will never fight you. Most people are getting it all wrong, i am not a cross dresser. Read my lips, i will never drag with Bobrisky. Mi owa interested ( am not interested ). Am a comedian, pure comedian. Oko wa la abe mi ( i have the male genitals ), i have it , and am using it back to back. I don’t come on social media and do those things he does, she does. I cannot come and do it. Am just doing those things for fun.”

Bobrisky And James Brown Beef All You Should Know…
The folowing tweet precedes the video:

“@wf_jamesbrown -For once in my life I have never dragged position with nobody I have always been Jamesbrown they didn’t caught me that everyone know since day one,
So if you have any problem with the content I am putting out for the brands I am working for I don’t give a haut That’s some period.”


Bobrisky replied the video with the following thread of tweet:

“E fit be cruise because”

“I can never threaten to kill anyone. James brown want to pay me 100k, me & am no dey the same class oh. Omo mentor cant be threatened by student nan. Wen u are big u are big.”

“If you want to receive James brown 100k, drop your account.”

“Lets move on.”



Bobrisky And James Brown Beef All You Should Know


Some people were of the opinion that he came out to attack Bobrisky because his Instagram account has been deleted and Bobrisky has a hand in it, which Bobrisky has denied. Here is what Bobrisky said about that on twitter:

“@BobriskyNG – Pray nobody wl accuse u of wat u dnt know dis 2021, that prayer is deep. Pple wl just sit down & accuse u wrongly, pls have a little of conscience sometime. I have never reported anybody page. Those of u accusing me continue, very soon they will accuse u of wat u knw nothing abt.”

“@BobriskyNG – James brown, I love you regardless you are just a baby. Mama still love you Smiling face with heart-shaped eyes. Secondly I need to clear d air, if I ever know about anyone account deleted let God judge me & repay me with evil. I have d purest heart ever !!! I can fight with you but not to wish you bad. Morning.”

James brown replied her:

“@wf_jamesbrown – I don’t believe in fake love you love and you threaten me just because I have more interesting content telling me how you gave me money pls be plain to yourself,since the day you told me I’m blessed like you, you have been scared
It seems it was just a cruise as James Brown’s official Instagram account @wf_jamesbrown has popped up again.

Bobrisky And James Brown Beef All You Should Know…
It seems it was all a cruise to get more popular on social media as James browns official Instagram handle @wf_jamesbrown is back on Instagram again and he has hit 201k followers and counting, which James brown is already celebrating.

What do you think about this? Is it just a cruise to get more pooular?

Let us know by commenting below. Thanks for reading.




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