Buhari’s Health: Apostle Johnson Suleiman Sends Strong Warning

Apostle Johnson Suleiman

The General Overseer of the Omega Fire Ministry, Apostle Johnson Suleiman warned Nigerians to against wishing President Muhammadu Buhari dead as no one has the power to kill or make live.

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While the Man of God was addressing his church members, he noted that it is irresponsible of any Nigerian to wish the President dead despite his sickness. He however admonished Nigerians to pray for the well-being of the ailing president.

“Only an irresponsible country will be wishing their leader dead.”

“It’s an irresponsible thing for people to be wishing President’s death. Nobody who has a good heart will be wishing a leader dead.

“You don’t wish your leader dead. Nigerians should be careful. Only God has the power of life and death.

“Stop wishing the President dead. If your husband is sick do you wish him death? Do you that man is somebody’s husband? If your father is sick do you wish him death? That man is somebody’s father.

“And you are wishing him dead. I know this thing I’m saying some Christians won’t like it. Stop wishing him dead. Pray for his health. Don’t wish any leader dead.

“Only an irresponsible country will be wishing their leader dead.”, he established.

Suleiman also urged everyone to live in peace instead of allowing crisis to prevail in the various regions of the country.

“If you are a Nigerian, whether you like it or not, this country is your country. Its our country. We are going to pray for Nigeria. Let there be peace in Nigeria from the North to the East, West and South.

“If there is crisis in Nigeria, it will consume all of us. We don’t need crisis, we need peace. We cannot talk of development without peace”, he added.


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