Buhari’s performance has shown he’s not messiah people expected – Senior lawyer, Ukweni

A Senior Advocate of Nigeria, Ntufam Mba Ukweni SAN has observed that Nigerians are sad and disappointed with President Muhammadu Buhari and his administration.

Speaking with uson phone on Saturday, Ukweni said, “If President Buhari had lost the 2015 presidential election again, may be the country wouldn’t have been where we are today.

“Boko Haram would have been on the increase, the north would have been more divided and polarised because they would say, they were not given opportunity to rule and that if Buhari was allowed he would have performed magic, turned the country round and Nigeria would have been the most prosperous country.

“So, it is good that he has been given the opportunity to be there for people to know and see that it is not the tribe or religion that makes the difference.

“It has given opportunity for people to compare that the man we were thinking is a messiah after all is not messiah.”

According to the SAN, the people of the North have realised that the president must not necessarily be a Fulani or Hausa before people can benefit.

He said that all what Nigerians are yearning for was a purposeful leadership, a leader who is a leader in a true sense of the word and that will give the country direction.

He said, “Nigerians are not bad people, we are good people and we are ready to follow our leaders. Today, everybody, legislatures, common man in the streets are not happy with President Buhari and his administration.”

Speaking on the 2019 elections, Ukweni said, “It’s choice of President Buhari to contest, but as a person, I don’t think he has done satisfactorily well for me to give him my vote.

“If I have opportunity to meet him one on one, I would advise him against it, and that nobody from the north to the south is happy with his administration, it is only few persons who are in his corridor and thought that if another person’s come on board they will not benefit are the people who are running round him.”

On the legislative arm of government, the Senior lawyer said, “From the beginning, the people in the National Assembly needed to reassess themselves.

“Somebody from outside should not sit down somewhere and select leaders for them. The main crisis they are having is being instigated by the executive.

“But I am happy that the current national assembly is firm and they have realised that they are the major arms of government that make the laws for the country.

“They are doing well but it is only that the executive is interfering. They should not allow executive to select their leaders after all they are not the people that selected ministers for the executive.”


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