Daddy Freeze Responds To 5 Million Naira Adultery Fine

Daddy Freeze Responds To 5 Million Naira Adultery Fine…
Earlier we brought a report to you that A List media personality Daddy Freeze was fined 5 million Naira by an High Court in Portharcourt for having an affair with the CEO of tastebudz Ng Benedicta whom according to the court was married to one Mr Paul Odekina as at the time she was having an affair with Daddy Freeze.


We also inforned you that Daddy Freeze promised to respond to the news via his Youtube Channel, well, he has responded. Here is his response as quoted from Youtube:


“Hey everyone, i am Daddy Freeze convener of Freethesheeple Movement and leader of the free nation in Christ. I greet you and i bring glad tidings. Yes, we are here to adress all the allegations, the news and rumours, and everything. That what we would do in a monent.


Many of you would have been surprised as i was to wake up one morning and see a judgement, by a Rivers State High Court. Well guys, i wasn’t served any papers so that judgement was obtained in my absence. So what do we do? We go straight to the appeal court. A lot of people are unaware that a judgement isn’t final until it gets to the Supreme Court. Fist stage is the Appeal Court. But am very confident of our Judicial System and i do believe that i would receive a fair judgement. So be rest assured.


However, it is very unfortunate that i cannot comment on any of the issues raised by the judgement as it is before the court of appeal, so guys be patient, everything will be revealed in due time and i do not want a prejudicial system.
This not withstanding, there are issues that i can comment on specially issues of my divorce case that i see creeping up mostly on Facebook, and i will mention some of these blogs that carried the stories, Okekearu Chukwuezugo Kingsley, Yetunde Obijole Femi Aliu, Iberosi Chiamaka, many amongs other bloggers carried this story ‘As of today, Freeze’e former wife Opeyemi has fled to the US due to threats to her safety and the impact of the ochestrated marital crisis and social media behavior of Daddy Freeze on the mental health of her children.’


This statement is false and i must adress it. My marriage did not break down because of Adultery or whatever else she is claiming on social media bla bla bla, no. My marriage to Opeyemi Morenike Oni broke down as a result of domestic violence and i have Court Papers to prove this. So check this out, ‘according to a portion of the judgement that is available for everyone to see, the case of the petitioner i was the petitioner, i took her to court, is based on the ascertion that the correspondent has behaved itorrelably so much that he cannot be expected to live with her. This affords the basis of law for seeking to persuade the court that the marriage has broken down irretrievably. See on the provisions of section 15: 2C of the matrimonial clauses act and the particular case he has built up and presented to the court is one of domestic violence. Oh yes, donestic violence. I dare say the court has zero tolerance for domestic violence as a matter of public policy, they would not encourage unhealthy and potentially dangerous relationships most especially when they are at closed quarters such as the marital kind.


The effecfs of overlooking such behaviors and thereby exacerbating such matters is considered to be damaging to the family and on a wilder concentric scope, to the larger society. And certainly no responsible person on the streets would expect his spouse to endure such assault that has become habitual.


About that Paul Odekina fellow whose name is all over the Portharcourt judgement and now all over the media am seeing everything. He entered the box during my case trial, that is my case against my ex wife Opeyemi Morenike Oni. The trial was held at the Lagos High Court Igbusere. However, under cross examination by my very competent legal team, he was discountenanced. If what he said made sense, why was he discountenanced? For lack of merits. Ask yourselves.But hey, It is what it is and it looks like a nevada bridge tv series for me, season 1 episode 2. Let the movies begin and let the entertainment be robust.


Now i also want to address my haters and adversaries, and those who are angry with me because i scattered the food they are suppose to be eating from their congregations, una nor go vex.”



Daddy Freeze Responds To 5 Million Naira Adultery Fine…
There you have it, Daddy Freeze side of the 5 Million Naira Adultery fine story. What do you think about this? Let us know by commenting below. Thanks for reading.


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