Divorce Be Damned, still rocking MY DIAMOND- Wendy


Wendy Williams isn’t letting an ugly breakup and divorce get in the way of a beautiful, massive diamond ring … and she’s making sure everyone knows it.

Wendy’s out on the left coast and Thursday night we got her outside Craig’s, where she was having a business dinner. Photogs quickly noticed her gajillion-carat wedding ring — hard not to, it’s blinding — and asked her about it, point-blank.

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As you know Wendy filed to divorce Kevin Hunter back in April, shortly after he and his alleged mistress had a baby. It’s been a nasty split … with Kevin getting booted from his job as executive producer on her talk show — and more recently getting into a fight with their son, Kevin Jr.

Despite all of that, Wendy’s continued rocking the rock, on and off TV. Don’t read anything into it, though — our Wendy sources say there’s absolutely no reconciliation going down.

Husbands come and go, but y’know what they say about a girl’s BFF.


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