Dj Cuppy Accepts Isreal Dmw’s Public Apology

Dj Cuppy Accepts Isreal Dmw’s Public Apology…
I saw a video one time of Dj Cuppy in London. A guy pose on her Ferrari as its owner and was snapping photos with it. She stood for about a minute and waited till she was satisfied the guy has had enouh shots before approaching him as the owner of the car. Surprised, the guy apologise to her and hastily made his way out of the scene. Cuppy laughed as he walked away hastily, opened the door of the car, got in and drove away smiling. That video revealed Cuppy’s personality to me and who she is on the inside. A rich lady with an heart of gold.


Many people in her shoes would have done otherwise embarrasing the guy, not cuppy, she is one of a few people that does not allow their status get the best of them.
When i saw Isreal Dmw’s claims that she cheated Zlatan by not paying him anything for their 2019 hit collaboration ‘Gelato’ and using him to raise funds at her fund raising event in Abuja then leaving him stranded, i know it was all baseless talks as Zlatan would have been the one to say it, not him. But he was quiet knowing fully well that Cuppy kept her terms of their agreement.



Dj Cuppy Accepts Isreal Dmw’s Public Apology…
One thing i didn’t see coming was Dj Cuppy suing Isreal Dmw. I thought she would just overlook the whole thing and allow it die like every other issue that has trended on social media and died after some time. But then, like she mentioned on her reply to him, the acusation was tarnishing her brand that she has worked hard to build over the years and she has to do something about it. Hence, her serving Isreal court papers demanding her tender a public apology to her stating that everything he said about was false, which he has done.



Dj Cuppy has released a statement via her official Instagram handle @cuppymusic, on her Instagram story, revealing that she has accepted Isreal’s apology and instructed her lawyers to drop the charges against him. Here is the content :


“Following the public apology of Mr Isreal Afeare ( @isrealdmw ) i have decided to no longer proceed with the lawsuit and have instructed my lawyers accordingly.
As social media users, i hope that we can all learn from this and ensure that we have valid facts before we speak on matters.”



Dj Cuppy Accepts Isreal Dmw's Public Apology



Dj Cuppy Accepts Isreal Dmw’s Public Apology…
Typical Dj Cuppy. Free spirit with an heart of gold. I hope you learn something about social media usage from this trend. Let is know what you learnt from this trend by commenting below.


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