Enugu State Residents Complain Water Shortage In The State

Enugu State Residents Complain Water Shortage In The State…
Residents of Nigerias Coal City has taken to twitter on mass to complaim water shortage in the state. According to an Enugu State resident, it has not rained in the State since July 2020 causing a shortage of water in their water reserviors. Those that dont have reserviors to save water during the raining season spend huge amount in purchasing water which is suppose to a basic amenity available to residents of the state. Some even say the shortage of water in the state has been an issue for decades and the past and present government has done nothing about it.



A media agency on twitter Coal City Connect covering events in the South East via their official twitter handle @Coal_City started the trend with the following tweet:



“NDI ENUGU!! How about we unite and trend a hashtag to draw government attention to the lack of water in Enugu?
We need a change because people are suffering without this basic amenity.
Please lets use the hashtag #NoWaterInEnugu in all our tweets from 6pm.”




Enugu State Residents Complain Water Shortage In The State…
Here are a few of the response the tweet got from residents of the state as picked from the trend.



“@Ujamidaize – If only Gburugburu invested half the effort he’s put into his billboard modeling career into solving the real problems facing ndi Enugu




“@iam_mhykie – I spend nothing less than 10k every month buying water in Enugu!
And this is when tanker agrees to come ooo and not tell you that the road is bad and he can’t make it. You’ll be begging him to come and collect your money like this




“@UtaziJay – These UNN students go late for lectures almost on a daily cos of this water struggle. Cos if there was water in Enugu
, it won’t be this bad for them.
Let me not even talk about those in UNECCrying face
Truly I say unto you…#NoWaterInEnugu!!”





“@chief_vera – #NoWaterInEnugu is on the trend table. Perhaps this might get his attention.
Enugu is in your hands not in God’s. We are thirsty and need to properly shower. Not rub and shine kinda ‘baffing’




“@favogbuji – Person go pay 250k for selfcon for this Enugu , you go still Dey struggle to carry water to 3rd floor. That na if the water even Dey sef.





“@oyibo_ugbo – I stayed few weeks in Abakpa, Trans Ekulu, Achala layout and that was when I truly understand what people meant when they say #NoWaterInEnugu Government of Enugu.
@Coal_City State should do something about this.”




“@julezopinion – This has been an issue for more than a decade.
Past and present govt have done nothing to lessen this burden on Enugu people.




Enugu State Residents Complain Water Shortage In The State…
Governor Lawrence Ifeanyi Ugwuanyi, your people have poured out their heart in unison. They need you to come to their aid in providing portable sufficient water for the state. Please hear their cries and so the needed.



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