Father Ejike Mbaka Buhari Has Failed Nigerians He Should Resign

Father Ejike Mbaka Buhari Has Failed Nigerians He Should Resign…
Revrend Father Ejike Mbaka the head priest of Adoration Ministry Enugu who supported the reelection of president Muhamadu Buhari in 2019 by telling his congregation that God told him Buhari is the man that would lead Nigerians to the change they desire so they should support him for a second term in office as the president of Nigeria as he is doing his best to fight corruption and if he is given a second chance, he would rid Nigeria off corruption which is the major problem in the system hindering the country from growing.



President Buhari was relected president of Nigeria for a second term, two years into his second term as president the country is in its worst state since gaining freedom from its colonial masters and the same father Ejike Mbaka who endorsed him for a second term in the excuse of God speaking to him, has called fir the presidents resignation or he face impeachment.



In a service at the Adoration ground Enugu, he unleashed his dissappointment on the present regime for the state of insecurity, high rate of unemployment, bloodshed in different parts of the countey, and lack of actions by the government in proffering solutions to these problems gradually eating deep into the state of the nation.



In a lenghty sermon delivered to his congregation, father Ejike Mbaka said the following about president Muhamadu Buhari and his government:


“Nigerians why are you crying? We are crying because our leaders have failed us woefully. Let me tell you; if it is in a civilized country, by now, President Buhari would have resigned. Quote me anywhere and let the whole world hear it, by now with what is happening, President Muhammadu Buhari should honorably resign.


A good coach cannot watch his players be defeated when he has players sitting down watching on the bench. Either Buhari resigns by himself or he will be impeached.House of Representatives should impeach the President if he doesn’t want to resign. If the members of these two houses do not want to impeach him and they want to begin to fight Fr. Mbaka, something worse than what they never imagine would happen to the members of the House of Senate and the members of the House of Representatives. Disaster is coming.”



For a man that endorsed him in 2019 in the excuse of hearing from God, i say this is a step at correcting his wrongs. A good one though but i will still hold to the opinion that religious leaders should stick to their callings and stop involving in politics. What do you think about this? Let us know by commenting below. Thanks for reading.


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