Google Honors Oliver De Coque With A Doodle

Google Honors Oliver De Coque With A Doodle…
Google has been on the Google Doodle series for a while now with which it celebrates remarkable people and events in history. Google launched its doodle series on the 30th of August 1998 with the burning man. A festival held in Black Rock City North Western Nevada, USA, that promotes self reliance throuhh art. Its has since its launch featured several remarkable events in history and celebrated remarkable achievers by replacing the Google logo temporarily on such days decided upon by the team set aside by Google for the google doodle series.



Todays google doodle celebrates late Nigerian born African King of High Life Music Chief Oliver Sunday Akanife popularly known as Oliver De Coque. As you must have observed if you have used the google search engine today, the regular google icon changed. The new one there is a representation of Oliver De Coque. Today is his birthday so Google is using it to celebrate him and his contribution to African music.



Explaining the symbol and what it represents, Google Doodles via their official twitter handle @GoogleDoodles tweeted the following:


“Nigerian musician Oliver de Coque infused modern pop, Congolese-influenced guitar, & traditional West African music to perfect a musical genre: Ogene.
Learn how he strummed his way into listeners’ hearts.”




Google Honors Oliver De Coque With A Doodle



Google Honors Oliver De Coque With A Doodle…
Google Africa describing Oliver De Coque and revealing the illustrator behind the Doodle design, tweeted the following via their official twitter handle @googleafrica:


“Today’s doodle, illustrated by Lagos-based guest artist
@OhabTBJ , pays tribute to Nigerian musician Oliver de Coque on his 74th birthday. Crowned the “Highlife King of Africa,” he is widely revered as one of the continent’s most prolific recording artists of all time.”



Google Honors Oliver De Coque With A Doodle



Oliver De Coque was born April 14th 1947 as Oliver Sunday Akanife in Ezinifite, Nnewi South, Anambra State. He got his stage name from being a champion of the Nigerian board game known in Igbo language as Okwe. For his expertise in the board game, his friends called him ‘Oliver De Ka Okwe’ which he later changed to Oliver De Coque when he started doing music professionally.



He started showing interest in music at age 11 when he begged a Congolese guitarist known as Picolo playing for then popular Juju artistes Sunny Agaga and Jacob Oluwale, to teach him the guitar. He got taught the guitar which became the major instrument in his music. He got his first break when he asked Sunny Agaba and his Lucky Star Band to make him their major guitarist. They tried him and was impressed so the gave him a place in their band as their major guitarist. He got his break when he performed at a London Concert in 1973 and went on to release his first body of work ‘OLIVER AND HIS EXPO 76’ in 1976 and has since then put out more than 93 records to his credit, which the most popular ones include ‘BIRI KAM BIRI, ANA ENWE OBODO, FATHER FATHER,UGBALA, PEOPLES CLUB PART 1 & 2, NKE KAKPA ONYE, CHI KELU UWA CHO YA NMA, NWA BU NWA, OMA OBI DIA, ENIUWA BU OLILI, ONYE CHINA AZO, and UWAN BU ONYEMELIKE YA.



His style of music combines his Igbo cultural music and dance culture known as OGENE with a fussion of Congolese Soukous and guitar feel, standing him out as a unique performer and one of the greatest artiste of all time to ever rock the High Life Music genre, earning him the AFRICAN KING OF HIGH LIFE title.



For his outstanding contribution to music, The University Of New Orleans USA, honored him with an Honorary Doctorate Degree in Music. Oliver De Coque died of Cardiac Arrest in 2008 at the age of 61 leaving his four wives and kids behind. Three of his children Edu De Coque, Safin De Coque, and Solar De Coque are already following his footsteps in music, doing great on their own.



Google Honors Oliver De Coque With A Doodle…
Oliver De Coque was a musical legend like none. We would love to know what you think about the legend of Oliver De Coque. Please comment below. Thanks for reading.





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