HOW S3X BEGINS (The law of progression)

Most singles don’t plan for s3x, it “just” happens then they break down, weep, curse the devil, move on, repeat the cycle, weep again, wish to die, commit suicide, abortion or something worse!

To steer clear premarital s3x, you must understand the law of progression, how it begins, what you must do to stop it before you land in bed or hell!

1. COMMUNICATION: S3x starts from talking or chatting. You first start with “Hello brother Jay.”, then you move to “Hello Jay”, then “hi Jay”, then “Jay Jay,” then, “sweet Jay”, “sweetie”, “my sugar…”, “s3xy”, “honey pole.”etc. You are looking for serious trouble!

Unless you are seriously courting and you are close to wedding, some pet names are completely ruled out! Don’t progress to what you can’t handle! There are some names some people will call you and your body will rise, a beg! until it is wedding night, no certain pet names! Stop at “Jay Jay”, don’t progress beyond that.

2. BODY POSTURE: We mirror the body posture of people we love, care about or seriously in love with. Unconsciously, it is not planned. It is the law of progression at work.

He smiled, you smiled back. He looked into your eyes, you looked back. He leaned on the table, unconsciously you did same, he tilted his chin, you responded, he shifted forward, you did same, he lurges for a kiss, you didn’t even know when you shoot your lips forward, hold it right there!

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Whenever you are going on a date or visiting your fiancee, ensure your brain is in perfect condition, hot, sharp and alert.

Don’t take anything heavy that will make you feel drowsy and do silly things. Don’t progress beyond the sitting position, no leaning forward unless he wants to tell you something private no one else should hear about, a beg, what is that thing no one else should hear about sef? Hmmm!

3. LYING DOWN: This is the most dangerous and the peak. You say he has no chair in his room, only bed (I hear you!) Both of you sat on the bed speaking in tongues. Your tongues caught fire, you were shaking left, right and center! (the devil is a liar!) You held your hands “for whatever two of shall agree on earth…” There was electric shock! Your hormones caught fire, you leaned on each other for support! Halleluyah! Tongues ceased! You realize the bed is soft and changed the position of prayer. It’s better you pray lying down, you told each other. You were feeling cold instead of hot, you cuddled each other for support so the prayer can keep flowing. Nine months after, you delivered a bouncing baby boy to the shame on the devil! Halleluyah!!

Please note, lying on the bed in courtship is forbidden, don’t try it unless you want to have sex and destroy your testimony. If he has no chair, don’t enter his apartment.

There is a way a bed makes you lose your reasoning, get relaxed and think of sex. God knows what He is talking about when he says “the bed undefiled…”, the bed can easily make you get defiled if you are not on guard! Watch it, be careful.

I will continue on this topic later. Sex starts progressively. Take note, take precaution so you do not lose your testimony. You will not fall into premarital sex in Jesus name. God bless you, cheers!

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