Infantino re-elected as FIFA president until 2023


Gianni Infantino has been re-elected as president of FIFA until 2023.

Infantino took over football’s world governing body in 2016 amidst a corruption scandal that saw previous president Sepp Blatter banned from football.

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“No one speaks about corruption or scandals [anymore],” Infantino said in a speech.

“Now everyone talks about football. We’ve been almost a criminal organisation in the past, a toxic one that dedicates itself to football.

“Football had to return to FIFA and we’ve done that in the last three years and four months. And it’s thanks to you.

“FIFA has become a trustworthy and professional organisation.”

Infantino has been criticised for how he has dealt with matters as FIFA president and previously at UEFA, and he’s admitted that he’s not perfect.

“I’ve made mistakes and I’ve learned from them,” Infantino said.

“Those that don’t make them never learn.

“Now everything is transparent. Everything is down on paper. You can’t hide payments anymore. There’s no room for corruption in FIFA.”

One of those criticisms has been his decision to expand the World Cup to 48 teams, which will come into effect for the 2026 edition, but Infantino can see the positives to the idea.

“It means that 16 more countries are going to experience the World Cup and are going to invest in football,” he said.

Another of Infantino’s projects is to expand the Club World Cup and give it more importance in the footballing calendar.

“The new Club World Cup will give lots of teams the opportunity to participate,” he noted.

“There will be 24 teams that will fight to be champions of the world in 2021. We will work alongside the [domestic] leagues and federations.”

Infantino has overseen the introduction of VAR across football in the last three years, including during last summer’s World Cup in Russia.

“VAR is already an essential part of football. It doesn’t change it, it helps the sport, it cleans football,” he said.

“It helps the referees. It’s almost perfect. We will also be listening to the players and the legends.”

FIFA earned 6.4 billion dollars in 2018, putting 85 percent of that back into football.


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