‘IPOB is just an ATM for Nnamdi Kanu’- Buhari’s aide, Lauretta Onochie

President Muhammdu Buhari’s controversial media aide, Lauretta Onochie, has in a post she shared on Facebook claimed that IPOB is just another means of generating money for Nnamdi Kanu and his team.

Lauretta Onochie, who is known for her controversies and firing back at Buhari “haters”, claimed the group are running their campaign on misinformation..

She wrote;


?? Since the FAKE news broke that over 20 people were killed in Aba and Umuahia, Ms. Kimberley Ada Biafraud, a member of the ex-President Jonathan’s defunct extended media team and now the woman leader of IPOB and member of the Media team of the terrorist organisation, has been asking for the names of those killed in Kanu’s compound. None was given to her.

She continued;

?? In the past, before Facebook warned her, Kimberly would have just listed fake names. As a member of the Media team of IPOB, if for three days, she has no names to give and has now resorted to the Social Media to solicit for the names, NIGERIANS have no choice but to stand with the Nigerian Army’s account as the truth. She got ten (10) responses. Still, no names.

?? When you run a campaign based totally on misinformation, you are bound to lose support as Kanu lost the support of his Member of Parliament (MP) in the UK who found out Kanu lied in all his allegations. It’s simple. When sensible and respectable supporters keep getting fake news of how you are being brutalised and massacred and they find out that you have made them all up, even the little truth you express in your campaign, is swallowed by the fake news and lies you project.

?? And what is their aim of churning out Fake News?

? They believe that we are so gullible, we cannot decipher the truth.

? They want us to hate particular persons/ethnic groups.

? They use fake news to plant fear in Nigerians and create a sense of chaos.

? They want to force another cash gulping illegal National Conference on us when we have a duly elected National Assembly.

? They want to elicit sympathy so the cash can keep flowing in for Kanu, Kimberly, etc.

?? Do I need to tell any discerning individual that the IPOB is nothing short of an ATM for Nnamdi Kanu and people like Kimberly Ada Biafraud, who also does not live in Nigeria so she’s not aware of the pain and anguish ordinary Ndigbo are going through in the South East in the hands of the IPOB terrorists.

She added;

?? Although the South-East Governors left it too late, I applaud their current stand on the terrorist organisation in their region and they should be supported by everyone including the elected representatives from the South East to ease in the much needed sanity.

Thanks for sharing.

God bless Nigeria.

God bless us, Everyone.

Lauretta Onochie “


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