Iyabo Ojo Baba Ijesha Case Is Not Over Yet Because He Was Bailed


Iyabo Ojo Baba Ijesha Case Is Not Over Yet Because He Was Bailed…
Nollywood star Actress Iyabo Ojo has come out to express her opinion on the rumours going round that the case betwern comedian Princess and Yoruba movie actor Baba Ijesha who has been charged with molesting Princesses guardian daughter, is over since he was released on bail.



Baba Ijesha was released on bail after meeting the conditions for his bail that states he must provide 2 sureties, one a grade 10 civil servant and the other his blood relative that must both pay the sum of 500 thousand Naira, and agree to appear in court when the Nigerian Judiciary who are not in sitting at the moment due to an unresolved issue with the Nigerian government.



Explaining the conditions of his release, and the situation of things at the moment, the actress via her official Instagtam handle @oyaboojofespris made her fans and the general public know that the case is still active and he would face the law in court soon as the Nigerian Judiciary resume duties. She all said she would give her all to make sure the case is not swept under the carpet as some people intended it to be.



She also took out tine to adress some questions her fans had been asking lately about why her skin tone changed lately. According to her, its as a result of her filming under the sun. She mentioned the new skit with Brodda Shaggy SISI CHOKO. She also took out time to adress people trolling her for standing for what is right. In her words “I will block you if i see such comments on my post and block those that like it as well. No one is forcing anyone to follow me.”





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One thought on “Iyabo Ojo Baba Ijesha Case Is Not Over Yet Because He Was Bailed

  1. Aunty iyabo please let the judge decide what to do with him, iyabo are you that clean or sinless, remember God that’s the judge of all judges and please find something else to do.

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