Iyabo Ojo Yomi Fabiyi Is Mad For Defending Baba Ijesha

Iyabo Ojo Yomi Fabiyi Is Mad For Defending Baba Ijesha…
Nollywood actress Iyabo Ojo released all hell on her colleague Yomi Fabiyi who earlier released a video and made a post asking everyone to wait on the public release of the CCTV evidence against Olarenwaju James aka Baba Ijesha who was alleged to have molested and raped a 14 year old girl, before concluding that the rape case filed against him by popular female comedian Princess who is the foster mother of the victim, is true.


Iyabo Ojo went loosed as she called Yomi Fabiyi out for supporting a rapist and child molester who he should be condemning his act of molesting and raping a child old enough to be his child. According to her, his video and post led to others calling out for the CCTV evidence to be posted online for them to be sure that the alleged rape case filed against Baba Ijesha is not a set up to tarnish his image that would inturn affect his carreer as an actor, that led to Princess making a video on which she shed tears as she explains her ordeals after finding out that someone she took as her brother molested and raped a child under her care.



Iyabo Ojo earlier made a video to appeal to her colleagues and everyone to be sensible at the way they approach and handle the Baba Ijesha rape and child molestation case soon as it got to the public. it was that video that led to Yomi Fabiyis video on which he compared the Baba Ijesha case to the one time legendary Yoruba movie actor Baba Suwe’s rape case.



Iyabo Ojo Also revealed that she has seen the CCTV video evidence and its not a good sight to behold or let out to the public as it would cause emotional trauma to the victim and even get her stigmatized by some members of the public.



Here are the videos and her reply to the post made by Yomi Fabiyi, as contained on her official Instagram handle @iyaboojofespris :








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