Jackie Chan Jaycee Chan My Son Will Get Nothing From My Wealth When I Die

Jackie Chan Jaycee Chan My Son Will Get Nothing From My Wealth When I Die…
A popular fact revealing twitter handle @mrwtffacts made this revelation about popular Chinese Actor and Movie producer Jackie Chan and his excluding his 39 years old son Jaycee Chan from his will, with the following update that caused a buzz on twitter and got a lot of Nigerians saying Jackie Chan is not a good father:


“Jackie Chan plans to leave his estimated $370 million to charity and not for his son, Jaycee. Chan explained “If he is capable, he can make his own money. If he is not, then he will just be wasting mine.”



Jackie Chan Jaycee Chan My Son Will Get Nothing From My Wealth When I Die






Jackie Chan Jaycee Chan My Son Will Get Nothing From My Wealth When I Die…
Before you judge Jackie Chan, It will interest you to know the following points:


1) The above quoted fact is from 2011 and we are in 2021. A lot of things must have changed in Jackie Chans will.
According to Wikipedia, the above stated fact is from April 2011 at an award ceremony in Beijing. Jackie Chan revealed that he would be donating half of his wealth to charity and not his son. When asked why, he said his son is capable of making his own money so he wont give him the opportunity of wasting his own.



Jackie Chan Jaycee Chan My Son Will Get Nothing From My Wealth When I Die



His son was already known in China as someone who behaves more American than Chinese as he was born and brought up in America and trained in the Chinese ways by his parents. He also had little regard for his public figure personality and family name as he uses it to flirt with women rather than work hard to build his carreer like his father who work very hard to project the family name. This distracted him to the extent of not concentrating enough to graduate from College. He dropped out of school to pursue a carreer in entertainment in 2003 but didnt break into the mainstream as he expected. His low respect for his reputation and family name has caused his music and movies to under perform in the entertainment industry despite huge funds spent in promoting them. Till date, his fathers most under performed and most criticized movie in the box office history is a collaborative movie that starred himself and Jaycee as the main characted titled 1911.


2) His son is a spendthrift, in other words he is a wasteful spender. In 2014, Peoples Daily Magazine China rate him amnog China’s worst Wastrels. Jaycee Chan preferred the night life in Virginia to staying in school. His love for luxury cars and living the luxurious life couldnt keep him in school as he dropped out to start a carrerr in the entertainment industry of China which i believe was to live the luxurious life of his dreams. As rich as jaycee was from the movies he made it was never stated that he had one investment, rather its on record that he was arrested for posession, selling and aiding of Marijuana in 2014 that led to the termation of his multi milion endorsement contract with Nivea, Adidas, Yishion, Johnson and Johnsin Contact Lenses, KFC, Stride Gum, and Chevrolet.



3) Jackie Chan has done a lot for his son setting a foundation for him to florish in the entertainment industry as an actor and singer.
Jaycee Chan after dropoing out of college in 2003 recorded an album with the help of his father who supported him but the album became a flop. His father also assisted him with his first movie role in the 2004 movie THE TWIN EFFECT 2 which he cameod on. From there he had other movies that didnt do well in the Asian Box Office. His father came in again and helped him get a role in as a younger version of him in the animation movie SECRETS OF THE FURIOUS FIVE. He also helped him get a voice role as master Crane in KONGFU PANDA and KONGFU PANDA 2. He also co starred Jaycee in his 2011 movie 1911 that goes down in history as his worst and most criticized movie of all time.



4) His son was already a millionaire when he made this statement. Before 2011 that Jackie Chan made the statement, Jaycee already had an endorsement deal with the following brands Yuanye tea, Dove chocolate, and Kangta athletic shoes, from which he makes up to 70 million Chinese Yaun ( $1,070,336.33 ) yearly.



5) He knows his son more than anybody from outside his family. We can say whatever we want from the outside, it doesnt make us know a child more that his or her parents that has been taking responsibility of their needs since their birth. They definitely know what you an outsider dont know about their child. I believe Jackie Chan know his son Jaycee would be lazy if he knows his fathers inheritance would be his, why his father made it known to him and everyone that he is inheriting nothing from his wealth. He is got a good foundation that he is in the verge of misusing, its expected of a father who cares much about him to set things right. Jackie Chan is taking the step best known to him to yield the desired result as we have seen and heard of children with rich parents that squandered their inherited wealth and amounted to nothing.



What do you think of Jackie Chans decision? Would you do same if you were in his shoes and have a son as Jaycee? Let us know by commenting below. Thanks for reading.



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