Kiddwaya Reveals Erica Extremist Drags Him

Kiddwaya Reveals Erica Extremist Drags Him…
Big Brother Naija Season 5 Star Kiddwaya has revealed that an Erica Extremist dragged him at a time he wasn’t expecting it, via his official twitter handle @RealKiddWaya.

Kiddwaya earlieir posted an heart break and tears emoji with ‘Mama’ that we later realized has something to do with his grandmum passing away.


Kiddwaya Reveals Erica Exteemist Drags Him

Kiddwaya made the revelation with the following twitter update that has a screenshot of the message the Erica extremist sent him:

“So this is what it has come to now? Ok cool.”

The screenshot has the following message:

“Bro again stop embarrassing my fav. Every time you have the opportunity. Bro if you don’t love her stop wasting her time.What’s your problem. She was showing you love all that, you come and chat rubbish on that interview. Don’t you dare to post that interview. I promise you i will drag your entire family, even your dead grandma.”


Kiddwaya Reveals Erica Extremist Drags Him…
This Erica extremist must have been angered after reading the interview Kiddwaya had with Punch Newspaper Entertainment reporter Tofarati Ige, published on their Entertainment Column of the Sunday Edition of the newspaper published today.
On that interview, Tofarati Ige asked Kiddwaya if he is a player cuz people think he is. Also what would he say about his love life. Kiddwaya replied he is not a player, people just think he is because he treats women nice. About having a love life, he said he dont. That if he wants to date a woman he can, if he wants to get married he can, he has life and is teying to find love, and he is more focused on his work, the future and having a better life for himself. This led the interviewer to ask him if he is single. Kiddwaya replied that the year is just starting and that everyone should wait and find out. He was then asked to describe his relationship with Erica Nlewedim and how he felt about her disqualification. He said their relationship is cool and Erica should be the one that question should be directed to and she don’t like being taken back to her disqualification or talking about it. She prefer living in the present.

Read full interview with this link



Kiddwaya Reveals Erica Extremist Drags Him…
A lot of Kiddwaya’s followers reacted to his tweet about the Erica extremist dragging him. Here are a few i picked out:

“@itz_bryannnn Replying to @RealKiddWaya – Do you love Erica or not ? The lady fvcking loves you and thinks she is in a relationship with you but you don’t love her I thought you two are in a serious relationship Your recent interview made it very clear Erica deserves better.”

“@sharonisbaee Replying to @RealKiddWaya – Condolences to you and your family…posting this screenshot doesn’t make it right cos you are indirectly setting yourself and Erica up for drags ,bloggers will feast on this and Erica takes the bigger share of it.”

” @Havilavincent Replying to @RealKiddWaya – Kidd please post the motherfvcker’s handle, let not generalise it ,  this is too much, to Stan someone is not by force, LEAVE KIDD AND ERICA ALONE F-O-O-L-S, ERICA has left twitter for all of u, you still want KIDD To leave tooo.”


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