Lawyer Says Ric Hassanis Music Is Trash

Lawyer Says Ric Hassanis Music Is Trash…
A writer and Lawyer by name Dr Ayo Sogunro who is certified on Twitter,  made a very harsh criticism of the Nigerian Broadcasting Commision ( NBC ) banned Ric Hassani song ‘Thunder Fire You’, and his music entirely, describing them with the words ‘Whiny’, ‘Unremarkable’, and ‘Unoriginal.’ Here is what he said in in particular:


“@ayosogunro – I don’t think I’d heard of Hassani until NBC purportedly banned his song. Then I listened to it. It’s a whiny, unoriginal, and unremarkable song that would have died naturally but the govt decided to give it fame. That’s the stupidity of targeted censorship by govt.”



“@ayosogunro – Not interested in anyone marketing a musician to me. If that is your own taste in music, good for you. Enjoy it and stop crying in my mentions. I don’t care about the song or the artiste, it is governance issues I care about – and that’s my only interest in the whole business.”



As is uncommon with a lot of musicians to give such criticisms a diplomatic response, Ric Hassani’s response shows he is not just a gentle man in music, he is a true gentle man in life. One that respects everyone’s opinion.
Here is his reply:



Lawyer Says Ric Hassanis Music Is Wack



“@RicHassani – Whiny?? Unoriginal?????? Naaa bro, I respect your opinion but honestly I don’t think so. That song is Genius. The title is “Thunder Fire You” what would you expect. That being said I’m a seriously incredible songwriter and Artiste, if you don’t CONNECT WITH ONE SONG, others will.”



“@ayosogunro – Well, you’re certainly biased in favour of your own work. Naturally.
But since you’ve made a fair point, I will take time out this week to listen to your other songs and if I like them, I will come back here and say so without hesitation. It’s nothing personal.”


“@RicHassani – Nothing personal as well. If you are a writer, I genuinely like books. I will check a few of yours out too, so when we meet back here, we can trade opinions. This is exciting, speak soon. Love.”



Lawyer Says Ric Hassanis Music Is Wack




Lawyer Says Ric Hassanis Music Is Trash…
A lot of twitter users countered Dr Ayo Sogunro’s opinion and commended Ric Hassani for his maturity in handling the criticism, among them is popular actress Adesua Etomi. Here are their response:


“@AdesuaEtomiW – Kai. I understand the need to be able to air our opinions but this was extremly unkind. The aim should be to air our views or give constructive criticism and not to ‘break the spirit’.”


“@DanielRegha – Ric Hassani’s songs are original, the only thing I don’t applaud was the “Thunder fire you” he used in his song. Saying his song is “whiny, unoriginal & unremarkable” is an insult cos Ric is talented. U don’t have to like him but don’t tarnish his image. Pls don’t be a hater…Folded hands.”



“@olatundesleek – listened to the song after seeing your tweet sir,all I can say is,you’re a wonderful lawyer and you might be good in other things but recognizing good music is not your forte,kindly stick to the court room or improve your music taste, this is a beautiful piece by



“@tha_strummer – You get bro, like if we reverse things, who know you too? Who know your book gan self? Wetin you dey write?… But it’s good to see Ric handled it well, lesson for us all.”



Lawyer Says Rick Hassanis Music Is Trash…
The best response i have come across from an artiste to a critic, so far. What do you think about the way Ric Hassani handled the criticism? Let us know by commenting below. Thanks for reading.



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