Lucy And Kaisha Face Police Harassment

Lucy And Kaisha Face Police Harassment…
Big Brother Naija Season 5, Lockdown Edition ex housemates Lucy and Kaisha last night faced Police harrasement on their way back home from an outing along the Lekki axis of Lagos. It was brought to my notice through an Instagram Live Video by Kaisha that went viral.

On the video, Kaisha was seen with Lucy both ladies voicing out their dissappointment at the police officer that pulled them over. According to the Kaisha’s voice on the live video, the police officer pulled them over and asked for the necessary documents and particulars of their vehicles which they presented, then the police officer asked them to step down from their car, which they also did. Kaisha got upset when he asked her to open her hand bag and show him its content.

Kaisha reminded him of her rights and refused to open her hand bag, he then employed the delay and time wasting tactics on them. Which got Kaisha more angry. Lucy was on the quiet while Kaisha was making the video until the police officer started pointing his torch at them. This got Lucy upset and made her walk to the police officer. As they discuss, Kaisha was busy recording and expressing her dissappointment with the whole treatment by the police officer. Other police officers could be heard on the background saying they wont be allowed to go their way. Immediately the police officer noticed Kaisha was recording the whole event, he walked to Kaisha and forcefully tookthe phone from her.



Lucy And Kaisha Face Police Harassment…
Nothing has been heard of Kaisha and Lucy as they have both not relayed anything about the event on their social media pages. It has gotten twitter on a buzz. A lot of people were of the opinion that a lot of the officers of the Nigerian Police Force did not learn anything from the #EndSars protest that shut Nigeria down as a nation for almost 2 months. The Nation is still recovering from the loses it incured during the #EndSars protest and police harrasement is beginning to surface again. Here are a few opinions i picked from twitter:

“@pheezy_pheez – God help Kaisha and Lucy, they we’re been harrased by d police. trust Kaisha to go live and video it. Just hope they’re fine. I don tire for Nigeria.Tired face.”

“@mae_onowan – I hope Kaisha and Lucy are safe. This country is terrible, these people did not learn.”

“@CreativeJohn – Police brutality may never end in Nigeria, just watched that kaisha and Lucy’s video.
This is what ordinary people pass through on a daily basis 95% don’t even make it to SM.”

“@MyDel61070350 – What did l just witness on kaisha live now? God hope she and Lucy are safe… This police… End sars ooo, Man police officer.”

About a month back, the new security force Operation Delta Hawk, launched by Delta State governor Ifeanyi Okowa opened fire on a roadside and Killed an innocent woman while chasing a luxurious car driven by two males, at Asaba. This is enough to believe the name of the Nigerian police department in charge of robbery and kidnapping is what changed, from SARS to Hawk, their mentality did not change, as they are repeating the same mistakes they make that led to the #EndSars protest.

The police officers in Kaisha’s video wasn’t wearing their black uniform that we are used to. He was wearing the navy blue camou uniform. The Nigerian police might have changed uniforms but it seems a lot of them have not changed their attitude. My plea to all police officers, give us a reasons to respect your uniform and trust you, not see you as our enemies. You took an oath to protect public lives and properties and be an ambassador of peace in the society. We want you all to be that. Work at making the Nigerian populace trust and respect your uniform and office. Its all we require of you. Dont keep giving us another reason to go on another nationwide protest.


Lucy And Kaisha Face Police Harassment…
Lucy and Kaisha have tweeted that they are okay. Here are their various tweets:

“@kaishaofficial_ I am fine.”

“@kaishaofficial_ This country is sickening and its sad.”


Lucy And Kaisha Face Police Harassment.

“@LucianaEdet – We are fine guys, thanks so much for your love and concern, the police officer that handled the case was quite reasonable.”


Lucy And Kaisha Face Police Harassment.




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