Lyta Is Broke He Couldnt Send 13k I Asked For His Son’s First Birthday Baby Mama Cry Out

Lyta Is Broke He Couldnt Send 13k I Asked For His Son’s First Birthday Baby Mama Cry Out…
All that glitters are not gold, Marlian Music act Lyta is the new face of that saying as his baby mama Kemi Ayorinde has come out to reveal that he might be appearing fly before the public but he is broke as he couldnt afford the 13K she asked him as his contribution to his son Aari’s first birthday.


In a long slide she titled her Ted Talk which she shared on her Instagram Story via her official Instagram handle @kemiayorinde, she revealed that Lyta has not been performing his fatherly duties ever since she gave birth to their son a year ago despite knowing fully well that he is the father of the boy which a DNA test they conducted after his birth reveal.



Lyta Is Broke He Couldnt Send 13k I Asked For His Son’s First Birthday Baby Mama Cry Out…

She also revealed that Lyta was the one that led her on to get pregnant as he promised to be by her but did otherwise soon as they had the boy. Here is all she said as taken from her Insta Story:


“Dear future husband, Aari’s dad cant afford 13k ( Naira ) for balloons for his Child’s upcoming 1st birthday, so ammo need you to be able to afford my baby’s monthly cost. If not, you are not for me. XXX.


When i found out i was pregnant, he told me to keep it, he wanted it.As time went by with test and everything that was conducted, i found out this boy gave me STD which my baby was born with. Infact, which we all had, me, my child, and whoever he got it from. This boy came to the UK when i was 5 months pregnant and refused to see me. Later found out he was with another girlfriend but thats not the issue here.


The issue here is i want an apology for all the mistreatment, the depression, the heartache, the death threats and the sorrow i have to bear everyday having to think about opening my mouth one day to tell my child about what his father gave him. An apology cant solve anything but its the bare minimum, the fvcking bare minimum, and you have refused to give it to me Lyta why?


You’ve refused to apologise and with every pain i have encountered in relation to you, i am in no way going to let this one go. Cause even Aari will be mad at me for not letting you feel his pain. You must feel this one too, you didnt want to hear so you must feel. Am done now, thank you for everything @official_lyta.


With everything you begged me to stay with you, and i did didnt i? We were going to work it all oit warwnt we? Hurting me wasnt the problem, i accept everything was my fault and i was blinded by love, but you see when it comes to out child, i know what i went through, you know what you put me through and i will fight for him. Even if all these take my last breathe because he didnt deserve it.
Adeem Aari has never met you but everytime he sees you his face light up, how do you open your mouth to tell him he has something he has to bare for the rest of his life? Dont feel my pain, feel Aaris pain. If i didnt make it through child birth, is this how you will mistreat yourself own child?


All the names i am being called doesnt move me one bit cuz Lyta himself has called me them, every name under the sun, you name it, very verbally abusive human being. Like i said, nothing moves me, they prepared me for this. Its like being trained for a battle and you are fully equipped. Funny thing is, he can never stand infront of me to say i ever did one single thing to hurt him, not one.


All i want was an apology literally especially for one particular thing i have not mentioned, and if i dont get that anybodys image that one to tarnish should tarnish abeg, make everybody gettat. They got me prepared for this, am prepared for this i love it here.


This is someone i have known since he had 46k followers on Instagram, now on 1.7 million but cant flaunt about having half of that money in his account.
Fed you, clothed you right to your fvcking boxers, everything you asked for, you name it. I dont need ya’ll to understand but this man and his management are evil, very very evil, and thats why i pray every morning and night that every pain and burden i experience in relation to motherhood, may they all suffer for it 100 times harder. Pressured me to have a child for him then added pain and sorrow to it. This pain we will feel it togethet, end of story. There is more to say but let my child be one first, you know the rest…….. xxxx


I’m not crying out for 13k oh, do you know how much that is in my child’s account???? We not rich but we stable babyyyy, lol. Everyone offering me money, its not needed lmaooooo, but thank you for the generosity. I asked him to provide money for baloons because as much as i dislike him and his selfish ways, i wanted him to be involved of his childs life even in the littlest way but he is not ready to do NOTHING!!! My father was useless to but not to this level, my son will never be. S/o to all the single mums, God got us always.


Let me clear oooo 13k ( Naira ) os £22 so £22 is a lot for a birthday??? Someone that has never contributed towards his child in life, Isn’t buying a birthday gift or showing up so asking for £22 is toomuch? Oohh you all thought o based in Nigeria or what??


The more days that goes by and he refuses to apologise to me for all the pain and sorrow etc…. knowing clearly between us that i didnt deserve any, the more my wickedness and heartlessness increase.


And p.s i aint dating no broke neeger again. Most of my relationships i have been the money maker, treating and spending on their ungrateful ass’s. I’ve dated a rich guy before so i know how things should be. And yes i said what i said, make everybody getat.


During my pregnancy, i went through a lil financial breakdown with buying baby items, and trying to get myself and family together during covid which had a massive impact on my credit score……… 9 months later after giving birth, i tripled my credit score. One thing about me, imma work hard for my money!!!!


People dont like nice people.
People dont like quiet people.
People dont like tolerant people.
People dont like people who have a heart.
This is not who i am.
This is who you turned me into.
And God will punish each and every one of you for actually bringing out the beast in me Chaiiiii.


I have learnt my lessons
And i feel way better than before.
Thank you for coming to my Ted Talk.”



Lyta Is Broke He Couldnt Send 13k I Asked For His Son's First Birthday Baby Mama Cry Out



Lyta Is Broke He Couldnt Send 13k I Asked For His Son’s First Birthday Baby Mama Cry Out…
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