Mohamed Buba Marwa NDLEA Boss Gets Praises As NDLEA Arrest Cocaine Dealer With Cocaine Worth 8 Billion Naira

Mohamed Buba Marwa NDLEA Boss Gets Praises As NDLEA Arrest Cocaine Dealer With Cocaine Worth 8 Billion Naira…
Nigerians took to social media to praise the chairman of the National Drug Law Enforcement Agency ( NDLEA ) Retired General Mohamed Buba Marwa as the type of leader Nigeria needs to get to its promise land and rid the nation off corruption which has eaten deep into the nation, causing underdevelopment and wastage in it resources.



NDLEA arrested a cocaine dealer based in brazil whose name is Ejiofor Felix Enwereaku at the Murtala Muhammed International Airport, Ikeja Lagos, after intercepting 36 blocks of cocaine weighing 27.95 Kilograms on a luggage box, from his syndicates, worth a street value of 8 billion Naira, and $24,500 bribe he offered as bribe money to clear the cocaine from NDLEA officials who intercepted the luggage.


He was arrested on Friday the 14th of May after Narcotic Agents of NDLEA present at the Murtala Muhammed International Airport got intelligence information and intercepted a luggage on the 8th of May coming from GRU Brazil via Addis Ababa Ethopia, on the Ethopian airlines flight with the baggage tag number ET331199, was disclaimed by an arriving passenger. The bag was then secured by the agency operatives for investigation.



A man arrived the airport on the 9th of May to make enquiries about the bag, he was then detained by the agency’s operatives that had earlier taken the bag for investigation. They invited the arriving passenger that disclaimed the luggage and opened it in the presence of the man that came to make enquiry about it and the passenger that disclaimed it to discovered it contained the above mentioned weight of cocaine intended to be disbursed in Nigeria.



A follow up mission was carried out by the NDLEA officials incharge of the case that led to the arrest of Ejiofor Felix Enwereaku upon his arrival to Nigeria onboard Ethopian Airlines.



Upon interogation, he confessed he is working with a notorious Ethopian drug baron who had contacted him to claim and disburse the cocaine in Lagos. He also claimed he has paid $24,500 in 3 badges as bribe to NDLEA officials so he could collect the intercepted cocaine and disburse it as intended. He also confess his group specializes in recruiting traffickers to disburse illicit drugs to various locations using Nigeria as their transit location and planting drugs on the luggages of innocent travellers.



The chairman of the agency commended the commander incharge of the Murtala Muhammed International Airport command of the agency Ahmadu Garba and other officials that worked on the case thanking them for their diligence and efforts at taking down drug peddlers in the country.



Stating his intentions and and the intentions of the agency henceforth, Retired General Mohamed Buba Marwa stated the following on arrest of the drug kingpin:


“I have warned that we will henceforth nit only go after the traffickers but with thesame vigour target the cartels and the kingpins that operates them. The latest arrest is a clear confirmation that we will match our words with action and that we will come for those who will not backout of the criminal trade, whereever they are hiding pushing instruments of death around our borders to destroy the lives of our youths.”




Mohamed Buba Marwa Gets Praises As NDLEA Arrest Cocaine Dealer With Cocaine Worth 8 Billion Naira



Commending this feat achieved by NDLEA, Nigerians took to Twitter to commend its boss retired General Mohamed Buba Marwa. Here are some of their tweets:


“@TheBukkyAfolabi – We have to give it to Buba Marwa, since he came on board, the NDLEA has been ruthless.
However, for how long do we rely on a strong personalities before institutions work. There lies in our problem!”



“@FaladeTolu_ You see how no one is complaining that Buba Marwa is from the North?
We all sincerely just want competent people, we deeply don’t want to fight every northerner, we all just want positive results!!!”


“@AuntyFalee – Me am not surprised about Buba Marwa oooo….he is an action man…very disciplined hard-working zero tolerance to indisciplined…. I remember when he was governor of Lagos State….he created operation sweep…. he crutched AGBERO…..I can’t forget that singular act…”



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