Nengi Stop Attaching Me To Anybody

Nengi Stop Attaching Me To Anybody…
Nengi has come out hot on her fans that are stanning her for her attachment to her fellow house mate Ozoemena Joseph Chukwu on a 2 post twitter thread via her official twitter handle @nengiofficial. According to her message to them, she has a life of her own, she is a brand of her own as Nengi, so anyone who wants to stan her should stan her as Nengi and not for her attachment to Ozo as people always think she and Ozo her dating wereas, they are just friends.



Although she didnt mention Ozo in her tweet, one can tell her tweet has a lot to do with Nengi Ozo shippers who are still hoping their wish of both of the house mates dating, come to pass. They have formed a clicque called Ozone on the various social media platforms feeding their fantasies ever time Ozo and Nengi hangout. Both of them have hangout a lot after they left biggies mansion giving these sets of fans the impression that they are dating.



Nengi recently went to London for vacation and over there, she got to hangout with one of her friends Daniel Ogoloma. He had an Instagram live session while with her on one of their outings so these set of shippers went on the live and started hinting Daniel that Nengi is taken as she belongs to Ozo. Some even went online to talk bad about Nengi, calling her all sorts of negative names. I believe many of them will go on Daniels dm and warn him to stay clear of Nengi as she belongs to Ozo. A message of such nature and their hijacking his Insta Live must have been the reason Nengi came hard on them on twitter asking whoever is stanning her for their fantasies to unstan her and stop embarrassing her friends and family as she should be enough for her true fans as Nengi.



Nengi Stop Attaching Me To Anybody…
Here is Nengi’s message to such fans:


“My brand is important to me and a good name is better than riches. I have been quiet on a lot of things but this constant disrespect is unacceptable! Please, stop pulling down my friends, my brand and my team. I understand it’s part of what I signed up for.

However, it is mean to subject my family and friends to the same Vitriol as they didn’t sign up for this. If you also love me because of your fantasies, UNSTAN ME. I am Nengi, I am a brand and I should be ENOUGH for you.”




Nengi Stop Attaching Me To Anybody



This sense of whom their favotite celebrities should hangout with most especially for those that has shown interest in a lady, guy, or a co celebrity is a thing with fans. It has earned them the title of internet inlaws. I think Nengi has passed out hwr message to her internet inlaws and it will give her some breathing space, just that we wont be seeing much of her and Ozo online again as we used to see.



Nengi Stop Attaching Me To Anybody…
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