Nigerian Lady who agreed to marry a guy she just met says she’s regretting her decision

A Nigerian Lady who said YES to a Guy she just met, is advising ladies to at least date a guy for about 2 days, before agreeing to marry him.

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Though, she didn’t state why she regrets marrying this guy, but below is what she wrote;

And this was my Introduction on the 7th of January 2017. Yes you read right, it was only my Introduction (knocking on my head and fixing date) and nothing more .
It was a blast, fun but guess what? I was still a bitter woman down my heart , with all those smiles you saw me wearing on the face , I was still very weary and bitter because I knew I entered the wrong hand but I found out abit late. But to God be the glory , it ended in praise.

Experience is the best teacher .
My advice to girls is to please date him atleast for 2days or three days , a week preferably before you say yes to his marriage proposal .
I never dated him oooooo and I said yes !! Pity me but eventually , I learnt my bitter lesson. Case closed.


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