Nigerian Lady Warns Ladies After Her Friend’s Cousin Died After She Was Used For Rituals By A “Yahoo Plus” Boy.

Nigerian Lady Warns Ladies
A Lady on Facebook, Gold Abigail, has taken to the platform to apprise other women of the need to be careful with the kind of men they choose as their partner.

According to Abigail, her friend’s cousin lost her life after her boyfriend allegedly used her for rituals to jinx his “Yahoo Plus” fraudulent activity – the boyfriend was later caught though, thankfully.

Abigail shared:

Nigerian Lady Warns Ladies

BTW, lemme tell you a quick story about this “Yahoo Plus” yeah? Okay!… So once upon a time, a guy told me of a real life situation of these Yahoo Plus – or G-Boys as they’re sometimes called – he told about the kind of channels they take in making their fraudulent activities prosper, one of which is called “Science” – somewhat akin to this story of Abigail – which is done by carrying intimate possessions of ladies, like their pants or brassieres or what not, to a ritualist, who then performs the “science” for them. The real gist is that, this guy told me of a G-Boy who continually took these possessions of different girls to his ritualist but was each time rejected by the ritualist – why?! – because the ritualist said that each possession he brought had already been used, for the same “Science” thingy… WHAT?! that was my reaction… like each girl’s destiny had already been used for rituals and I’m talking more than 30 times people! (except my friend was hyperbolic though, but I think not) and the painful thing is, these girls don’t even know… I tell you folks, I was shocked to my bone marrows!
So to my ladies, please be very careful indeed with the kind of men you deal with out there and by the way, there really is no big deal in you being an independent lady, who can bank on her own hustle and not that of any guy whatsoever… Just take care of yourselves lovelies!
End of my story!


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