Nigerians Blasts Buhari For Saying He Doesn’t Care If People Call Him ”Baba Go Slow”

Buhari’s corruption fight is ‘nonsense’ – Queen of England ex-representative, Kwande

Following President Muhammadu Buhari’s comment that he does not care if peoples call him ”baba go slow” as long as there is no evidence that he stole from the country’s coffer, Nigerians have reacted.

Nigerians while reacting have slammed him for making such comment when he is supposed to have hit the ground running.


But you might’ve been looking the other way while you lieutenants loot….
This thing is about your govt rather than about your person. Stop personalizing governance please ..

— B. A. USMAN (@ABBABILYAMINU)April 10, 2019

Defending bad behavior. You can’t be going slow in a nation like Nigeria where ppl are getting killed daily, lawlessness in the country and we are currently poverty capital of the world. Nigeria need a president who is decisive and can act on national issues faster.

— sunny (@sunnytashie) April 10, 2019

You are now baba full stop

— ICE. (@Zik33088630) April 10, 2019

Rubbish! Get to work oga we are tired of this nonsense.

— Mec (@EmeleMalachy) April 10, 2019


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