Marriag is a good thing. Wedding is nice too. But when the bride is pregnant, When she walks down the aisle bearing a protruding belly,the marriage has been dishonoured. And the bed? Defiled! Then, its no longer ‘joining in holy matrimony’ It is called Thanksgiving celebration because the couple has […]

Pls Relax! 🙏 A relaxed sister is better positioned for marriage than a tensed up lady who is over-eager to shout “Yes” to any marriage proposal. Those who are too anxious to get married usually make marital mistakes. Until Adam was put to sleep, God couldn’t reveal his wife to […]

A Relationship/ Marriage without trust Is like a soup without Salt, like a smart phone without Sub. Without Trust a Relationship loses its savor Doubt and secrecy becomes the order of the day and the strength of the Relationship/Marriage is affected. Here are 5 things that affect Trust in a […]

1. LISTEN: Really listen to your spouse when they talk and you must learn to understand them before responding. We all love to talk but few really listens and great listeners are so adorable! If you want your spouse to enjoy your company above anyone else, learn to listen, really […]

Men PLEASE LETS TALK… . Love her! Pamper her, its not a crime Wake her with kiss,its not been childish Greet her with a hug, it makes her feel safe Surprise her with gifts,it makes her feel loved and appreciated Correct her with patient, it makes her sober and ready […]

“You missed out in the fun”, Tony threw his napkin at Thomas for his statements “What fun?”, Timothy looked at his brother, pissed already. Thomas ignoring his expression moved on.. “Well, you missed your breakfast, it was so delicious, I ate extra plates”, Tony cuts in “Becky is quite a […]

Later, in the mid-afternoon, Tony and Thomas were out in the fields. Rebecca was planning to make something light for the boys then it struck her that Timothy haven’t come downstairs to eat breakfast. She gasped….has he fainted in his room and nobody seems to remember him or….she gasped even […]

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