Omotola Is Not A Saint Gist Lovers Blog

Omotola Is Not A Saint Gist Lovers Blog….
Omotola Jalade Ekeinde aka Omosexy received the shock of her life today when a blog by the Instagram handle @gistloversblog called her out for infidelity . She then asked her followers to help hwr report the page so the page can be taken down from Instagram and the owner would learn his or her lessons. Guess what, her followers refused to do her bid of helping her report the page so it would be taken down by Instagram.


The page posted the following update promising its followers a post about Omotola’s secret life:


“Since today is not sabbath day,we will finish oshiomale and Omotola gist plus how tchidi and Genevieve was involved,happy new week.let me lead opening prayer on her page before she go run lock page,no hiding place for any person wey Dey support all these our politicians packing our money.I come in peace.”




Omotola Is Not A Saint Gist Lovers Blog….
Someone close to Omotola must have seen the post and notify her , or the blogger inforned her by themselves as the handler stated above about starting the opening prayer on her page, as Omotola replied with the following update, via her official Instagram handle @realomosexy:


“I normally dont do thus but after thinking about it thoroughlly, and seeking advice, i have decided to!
So this blog ran this story and people have been coming to my page. I have always known that they are people who are sick and will tell you stories that have never happened but to publish that on a platform as big as Instagram? You must be held accountable …
*** I have demanded they FINISH and PROVE THIS STORY problem is this blog is hiding under anonymity! ( faceless blogging ) There are more credible blogs out there … follow blogs with accountability.
Can everyone who loves me and what i have stood for all these years

  1. Report this page
  2. Report this page
  3. Report this page

And to those of you who are addicted to cheap gossip. If you are not interested in damaging people unnecessarily, then demand a proof of this story! Am giving this 24 hours.”


Omotola Is Not A Saint Gist Lovers Blog


Omotola Is Not A Saint Gist Lovers Blog….
The following replies to her request is what drew me to this story:


“@morenikeadun – Mama you have always been my idol, from childhood i love you. I love gist lover too. I love both of you in thesame measure. Am sorry i cant report that page.”


“@iamomotormie – Report Ke! Gistlover wey dey wait for your evidence.”


“@bukky_whitney – If you are from gistlover form a straight line.”


“@emokobia – A clear conscience fears noacusation.”


“@Luxury_lifestyle_, 2030 – This 2021 nothing is free. Since una nor dey advertise for free, we nor go report for free.”


“@itsdarlinggold – Report which page? No please we wont report the page.”


Omotola Is Not A Saint Gist Lovers Blog


“@regioge11 – Report wetin? If CNN carry news naso them dey report am. Be bold to debunk it then when its obvious they are telling lies we report it. For now we are sitting and watching with popcorn and chilled coke.”


“@mohdope97 – We nor fit report gistlover ooo… We love you, we also love gistlover too.”


“@agbo.grace.31 – After the gist first.”


“@mazi_okpara – I wont report anything. I wan hear gist.”


“@tokees_place – You want us to report the page so IG can take it down before the story is published. Madam calm down, I trust you say you nor do am but lets hear the gist first, afterall we will decide if we should report the page or not.”


Omotola replied this one:
@realomosexy – @tokees_place Okay. Go ask for the gist. When you are convinced, do what you think is right.’



Omotola Is Not A Saint Gist Lovers Blog



“@komeeewilliams – Report gistlover ke? She will finish the story, just wait small. But no ma. We cant report it.”


“@thatdadagal_ Here for the comments cus i know what she ask for cant be done. Odindin gistlover.”


“@ogbonnayauloma – we nor go report anything. Love you still.”


Omotola Is Not A Saint


Gistlover replied Omotola pleading with her fans to report their page as follows:


“Weyrey wan report my till tomorrow we go still run am for back up page,you no pure you still dey rant,who does that?wait till I compile list for you,Na me omotee an dey open eye for,nonsense and ingredient,Selah.



“My Dear Omotola we will kindly finish what we started boo, Motivational speaker of life, it’s not only Oshiomole Aunty Omotee, Tchidi that made you fight with Genevieve then dey the list (some of the industry people know about this low key) them plenty for the list, who gave you that name Omosexy? Talk am make we hear my darling Omotee even your husband can’t deny he doesn’t know some of your shit,saint online,something else beneath closed doors,let me compile my list finish,if you can swear say I dey lie well I don’t base my journalism on assumptions,if I no see something I no dey write,Naso Ehi deny Oluomo so tey they arrested Kemi Ashefon for lifting the story on my blog, see it now, it’s everywhere and obvious they are nacking,I pass hear say blog,so take several seats mama❤️❤️❤️Selah.”





Omotola posted the following update in reply:

“@realomosexy – Faceless blogger . I hear people pay you to damage ppl’s reputation. You can’t prove your story , Now you’re name dropping other ppl’s names . Dirty people.
If you’re really sure of what you’re saying , put up your proof and put your name behind it. You still have 24hrs.”





Omotola Is Not A Saint Gist Lovers Blog….

The page @gistloversblog has been taken down by Instagram. Seems Omotola fans reported since the blogger did not upload any evidence to back his or her claims as promised.

What do you think about this? Let is know by commenting below. Thank yoi for reading.



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