Pastor Chris Oyakhilome Christians Dont Need Covid 19 Vaccine

Pastor Chris Oyakhilome Christians Dont Need Covid 19 Vaccine…
General Overseer of Christ Embassy Church Worldwide pastor Chris Oyakhilome has come out to express his dissappointment in the rate at which Christians rush and que to get vaccinated against Corona Virus when they have God the creator of the Universe, his healing spirit which according to the Christian belief is the Holy Spirit, and Gods son Jesus Christ who expressed his dominion over sicknesses and diseases while on earth, as contained in the Bible.



Speaking live on a Christ Embassy Love World Tv Broadcast tagged World Prayer Day, pastor Chris Oyakhilome said the following:


“I cant understand why a minister of the gospel would be waiting for some vaccines to be the solution for the world, where were your faith? What happened to you? We cannot make such recommendations. It is not our calling to make such recommendations, we cannot be used for that. As a minister of the gospel, you should not be used for that. How can you become a minister, a preacher of vaccines? What happened to you? Where is the word of God in your mouth?

Do you realize that if you believe in Christ and in the word of God the way you believe in this vaccine, there will be power in your mouth. He made us healers. What is wrong ? What happened to you?
When did we start making such recommendations to Gods people, Gods people. For Gods sake think again. How can they send us to the Churches go tell them to take the vaccines?
Listen if i say to someone You Shall Live And Not Die, Thats It For Him. Issn’t that the Bible that you read? Issn’t that the scripture that you read? Where is your God of Elijah, your God of Moses? Where is your God of Peter James and John? What is the matter with you?
I made up my mind a long time ago, i dear believe in the Lord Jesus Christ With All My Heart.”



Pastor Chris Oyakhilome Christians Dont Need Covid 19 Vaccine…
The video has gone viral on the internet and a lot of people have started reacting to his opinion about Christians taking the Covid 19 vaccine. Here are some of them as taken from twitaking


“@hartng – Is there no law in our statutes under which Pastor Chris can be invited for cautioning? This is reckless engendering of lives, action against public interest, sabotage of National goals, panic-mongering, anything. This shouldn’t be permissible.”



“Qweku Sakah
@i_am_BANE__ Why hasn’t his powerful mouth healed the millions who have suffered from covid-19?
This man always finds new ways to make a fuul out of himsel.”



“@TheGodmotherNg – He made us healers. Indeed he did. Why didn’t you go round hospitals healing people of COVID? There wouldn’t have been the deaths and chaos. No need for the vaccines because you do tele-healing too. This rhetoric is irresponsible and ignorant.”


“@Olumuyeewah – Please, how many of those who died from Covid-19 did he make an attempt to heal? How many of the hospitalized did he heal / has he healed?
God gave us free will. Why does this MoG feel the unwavering need to manipulate and control in the name of God? #okBye.”



“@Slimchineme – God most times works through mediums. Jesus in the bible fed 5,000 people with 5 loaves and 2 fish. He didn’t order their bellies to be filled with food. This man is clueless and should be stopped before he causes more harm!.”



My take on this, Its foolishness to depend on God for a problem man already has a solution to.

Jeremiah 8:22 Is there no medicine in Gilead? Is there no physician there? Why is there no healing for the wounds of my people?


Pastor Chris Oyakhilome Christians Dont Need Covid 19 Vaccine…
What do you think about Pastor Chris Oyakhilome’s views on vaccination? Let us know by commenting below. Thanks for reading.





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