Peter Igbifa Ijaw Youth Council Will Shut Down Niger Delta If President Muhamadu Buhari Dont Conclude The NDDC Board Inauguration In 1 Month

Peter Igbifa Ijaw Youth Council Will Shut Down Niger Delta If President Muhamadu Buhari Dont Conclude The NDDC Board Inauguration In 1 Month…
In a week that began with news of Nigerian Army killing the head of the Eastern Security Network Ikonsi that the Igbo people see as a freedom fighter rather than a terrorist the Nigerian Army declared him, a video of a Nigerian Army revealing the lack of unity and communication in the Nigerian army as he complain a Nigerian Air Force Jet terminated a squad of Soldiers which he is a part of, on their way to attack a Bokoharam camp, and the civil unrest reported on the Streets of Iyana Oba Lagos, at the Lagos Badagry axis close to University Of Lagos, caused by motor Cycle riders and their clash with a task force group that many reported to have escalated to a tribal clash between the Hausas who are the major motor cycle riders in Lagos, and the Yorubas, Peter Igbifa the vibrant leader of the Ijaw Youth Council has come out to give the President of the Nation President Muhamadu Buhari a one month ultimatum to resolve NDDC Board inauguration issue which has been on for a while now, or the council will shut down the oil producing region of the country, which is a major contributor to the wealth of the economy.


Speaking to a crew of media personels from Channels Tv, AIT, Arise News, and other big media establishments in the country after a meeting with members of the Ijaw Youth Council, he said the following:

“At the moment, we have been able to discuss the issue of NDDC, for which council has resolved that we are giving the federal government, president Muhamadu Buhari a one month ultimatum to close out on the board inauguration of the NDDC.


We consider the NDDC a very critical agency for us in this region, and for this course we want to make it clear that between now and the one month, if the board is not brought in, we may not be able to guarantee the safeaty of oil operations in the region. Council will definitely not just a promise but a promise fulfilled with actions, shut down the entire region if mr president fails to deliver on or before one month from today.


This message must be taken very seriously. The board you can understand its consideration. When they constitute these boards it brings representatives from different states thats one. Upon that, it means these people who mount the board will do justice to the development of these various states even in addition to the states they dont represent because sitting on the board you will have Rivers, Bayelsa, Delta, Akwa Ibom, name it, there are also states reps and so. Even the florensic audit we talk about, the one of NDDC is turning to be bigger than the one of NNPC. So the board on its own has a lot to do with the youths. The youths of these region over time has survived no matter how little from different capacity programs. But when you run this administration that is not known to us, nor known to the law, NDDC is an act of the law and the law provides for it to have a board. If there is a board today, River state and different states as are represented, these people will be answerable to the region.


Council in her different presentations have made it clear to the people including the government of Nigeria, that we want to assure even to the president of the federal republic of Nigeria that the current board that would come in wont be like the board that is taken over by politicians. Be rest assured that council will monitor projects even as we do now. Remember that it was council that made the cry for east west road, and mr president i must appreciate him for his listening ear. Immediately council came out for the east west road, he gave a directive for 20 billion. There is a little progress in the east west road, that is why council is very eager to tell mr president to take the issues of the Niger Delta very critically. There is no time for political involvement in the issues that affect the region anymore.


As it is today, we are also using this opportunity to tell mr president that the work Setraco is doing on the east west road is looking like a local government contract. It has to be a massive construction activity. We are talking of a busy road work where you have more than enough of the numbers they need for trucks, machines, and man so that this project called east west road shouldnt stay longer than 3 months. Even if you are working a bridge from here to Lagos, commitment alone shouldnt keep the project for more than 2 years. East West Road is under construction for decades that we cant count anymore and has taken so much lives. We rise today with pain in our heart that even the little NDDC that could impact on the lives of the touths, that came even before North East Development Commision, is suffering from political interest and all that, otherwise what is florensic audit that the Prime Cooper Waters didnt do to NNPC did the board step aside? No, the board was there, investigations were done and they did their report. Even if you are doing florensic audit of Nigeria as a country, it would not be more than 6 months.


You heard me in the video when i was in the stake holders meeting representing the Ijaw Nation and her people, i said it, that #ENDSARS would be a childs play. When we say we are shutting down, there will be no activity. That is the major reason why internally in our meetings, we have advised our people, anybody you can help the moment it gets close to this activity with rice, garri, and whatever do because, we are going to lockdown activities in the region. No road movement, no water movement, no activities within that period, and that is why we say we cannot guaranty the safety of oil workers at that time. That is why we gave one month and ample time for the government to set their board, screen them in security at national assembly and then inaugurate them. This is enough time for them to do that. When we do, it means we the people of the region must have then taken over the economy of the region. Thank you.”


Peter Igbifa Ijaw Youth Council Will Shut Down Niger Delta If President Muhamadu Buhari Dont Conclude The NDDC Board Inauguration In 1 Month…
With all these recent events happening in Nigeria, one would wonder if Nigeria can still remain a united nation. What do you think about this? Can Nigeria still remain a united nation in the coming years? Let us know by commenting below. Thanks for reading.


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