Photo: Nigerian Father Disfigures His Only Son’s Body With Hot Water For Stealing

This morning in Cross Rivers State, a very angry father poured hot water on his only son’s body for stealing and for being a stubborn child.

According to Instagram user @i_am_theblackchild who shared the story, ‘So this happened today this morning a father poured his one and only son hot water because he stole and he is stubborn the boy can’t even talk what nonsense is this say no to child abuse’.

See some reactions below;

ugwumba1 This is how you raise an armed rubber or corrupt politician, because black Africa learns from mistakes just to make a greater mistake. That hot water has just erased the child’s emotions #animale

ms__ghini Spare the rod and spoil the child, it’s better for him to be disciplined by his parent than to be burnt by an angry mob for stealing, but the father went too extreme with this , it’s inhumane.

dannyrojis ok, lemme be frank, what the man did in this case was extreme… I turned a blind eye because most people would still say the boy was abused if he was flogged with koboko and it gave him marks or something… This was the norm back then and It did help straighten kids up… But these days everything anyone does to their kids is called abuse and with time pple would get comfortable with it and start implementing​ stuff like child services like it is in the U.S.A where kids have zero respect for their parents… 13yr olds getting pregnant or aborting it is now a norm there.


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