Police lied – Ekweremadu says, threatens to release video of attack on his home


The deputy president of the Senate, Ike Ekweremadu, on Wednesday, November 7, declared that the Nigeria Police Force (NPF) lied about its claim concerning the attack on his home. He also threatened to release a video footage of the incident. Ekweremadu said this during plenary as he spoke about the attack on his residence at the Apo legislative quarters in Abuja on November 6. According to him, there was a close camera recording of the incident. He said unfortunately, the police could not figure out the footage. “The police looked at the CCTV footage but could not figure it out. Fortunately, a technician came and was able to figure out the footage. Unless they withdraw their report, I will release the video to Nigerians to judge for themselves,” Ike Ekweremadu said. Ekweremadu thanked his colleagues for their support and concern over the incident.

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“I want to thank you all for your concern in this matter. No thorough investigations were made by the police. “I was shocked to hear that they had said it was a mere burglary case. My son, who was hospitalized, was not even interviewed by the police,” Ekweremadu added. On his part, Senator Enyinnaya Abaribe, called on his colleagues to take the issue serious and demand for a thorough investigation. “I would like this Senate to not just dismiss this matter, but to ask for a thorough investigation into this case. The police has continuously dismissed matters like this. This should not be taken lightly,” Abaribe said.


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