Prominent Zimbabwean prophet arrested during service

A pastor in Zimbabwe, Prophet Shame Hungwe, has been arrested during Sunday service after policemen stormed the church premises, iharare reports. Prior to this, an unidentified couple was said to have shocked congregants after they surrendered about seven kilograms of processed mbanje (Cannabis) and bottles of broncleer cough syrup to the pastor.

Naijaxtreme gathered that the couple, after surrendering the hard drugs, immediately left the church. It was then that policemen came, disrupting the service. The pastor was arrested with the drugs and they were taken to Machipisa police station.

He was released after writing a statement. This happened while Prophet Hungwe’s church members battled with the police to enter the station. “Leave our prophet, what wrong has he done? You are supposed to thank him for identifying the couple selling mbanje. We cannot accept that, leave him or else arrest the whole church,” part of the crowd was heard saying.

After statements were recorded from Prophet Hungwe, the crowd shouted on top of their voices while some were seen interceding for the release of their leader. Prophet Hungwe told H-Metro that a couple brought a sack full of marijuana while another family brought knobkerries and traditional regalia and snuff following his prophecy into their lives.

“This is my first time to be taken to a police station in my life but I just carried my part of ministering to families and they were repented and brought things they use in their lifestyles,” said Prophet Hungwe. “I do not know how the couple disappeared from the church upon the arrival of the police officers.

I made a prophecy to the couple about their dealings and they confirmed dealing in illicit drugs at their house and they later came back with a sack full of drugs and bottles of broncleer. “We respect the rule of law and law enforcement agents are there to help us on issues that have nothing to do with spiritual deliverance.

What was revealed to me was that the couple uses charms in their dealings and this lead them to keep such drugs without being arrested. “I asked them to join a prayer line for deliverance and they disappeared after reports of police presence. I am prepared to deliver the family and I love them,” said Prophet Hungwe.



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