Riot emerged at Ibadan poly between Northerners and Southerners(Video)

Riot emerged at Ibadan poly between Northerners and Southerners

Today at ibadan poly fight emerged between northerners and Southerners as Queens cup turns to war cup, many were injured as many flee for their lives.
The story was brought to Naijaxtreme as we also interviewed one of the students.

Here is the story about the incident from a student writer

This riot started after the queens cup match yesterday btw FBCS department(located at north axis of the sch) & fENG department(located at the south axis of the school) , fbcs won d match while feng losses, the sport director of the FENG department was stabbed yesterday after the match played at the main polytechnic Ibadan field @ north by the Northerners, The southerners are retaliating today. They closed down the sch main gate @ 4:00am not allowing anyone to go in or out of school, other students who followed different route to get in the school were later chased out of the school, they invaded the male and female hostel, beat up anyone at the north axis of the school, alot of damages and casualties were recorded.
One of the Students opinion


_At my school you don’t learn only the course you came to study…_
_…you have to learn Runology,China-ology, and Voice-ology.😉😉😉._

_in my School We don’t pay to watch movies @ d cinema, Free cinema is all over the campus…_
_u will watch film real live._
_No director, No producer._

_In my school u can’t seek refuge at the Sanctuary(Hostels, Department.)….._
_no one would even dare to…in order to avoid obituary…🙁🙁🙁_

_…Hmmm🙇, only at my school will a lecturer send u on an errand, when thugs with guns and matchet are all around…._
_….When u try to explain…._
_U’ll be called Dumb, foolish or stupid…._
“My friend is a living witness”
_@ my school we pay a lot worth to make  a good….structure for defense…._
_nay!, it different…_
_the securities are seen jumping all over the fence….☹_

_Security or Old-curity…_
_Campus maintenance…_
_or Cultism renaissance…_
_verily, at poly life is insignificant……_

_….before I go, cos if I continue my pen May not be safe…_

*I got admission into  polyIbadan,*
*never knew it was poly-Ijògbòn…*

_…lemme continue self.._
_@ my school Football can turn to footwalk…
Yeah that’s it…_
_Queens Cup turned to War cup!…🙁_
_….@ _My school we use to pay for Clubs we don’t attend.._
_U dare not try to protest…we only pretend…_
_@ my school we use to learn a course for 2 days (a day in two  weeks…_
_..and in fact the way u ‘re taught will make you weak…_
(Feed us knowledge not book)…
_Security is lost in my School…_
_Equality is lost in my School…_
_Sincerity is no where to be found…_
_and CORRUPTION is all that’s abound._
_Tell me what Happens in your Institution…._
I rest my pen…

I’m only practicing Poetry…
the one our GNs lecturer taught us!
😉 or what do u think?


Action was taken immediately by the school authorities.
Ibadan poly riot

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