Rosy Meurer To Critics Am Glad I Made Your Day

Rosy Meurer To Critics Am Glad I Made Your Day…
The New Mrs Olakunle Churchill Rosy Meurer, as revealed by Olakunle Churchill on his birthday message to her, that went viral, has revealed how she feels about the criticisms she has been getting since Olakunle Churchill brought their relationship to the open.


In a post birthday update she made via her official Instagram handle @rosymeurer, she said the following:


“Thank you so so much to everyone that took out time to pray for me on my very special day. I see you all and words cannot express how appreciative I am for all the love you showered on me. You guys are the real MVP’s and God will continue to bless you for me.
To all the lawyers and judges, Mamas and Papas, I see you all too and I equally appreciate you all for making me priority on my day. I thank you for spicing up my day with all y’all’s hilarious comments. Indeed you gave me a good laugh. You guys are just too much. I am happy I was able to keep you busy as we all know how hard it is to get jobs and how so many of you are battling idleness. I’m glad you all had the opportunity to share your ideas and theories on my day. Without you guys this life for no balance. Indeed my day wouldn’t have been the same without you all. Everything you all wished upon me, I wish same to you all individually. May God bless you all It’s all LOVE ❤️ from this end. I am honored. #everythingrosy #thankful #blessed #MrsChurchill ❤️ WeMove #watchmemanifest



Rosy Meurer To Critics Am Glad I Made Your Day…
The Queen Of All Queens have said it oh. She is not moved by all the criticisms she has been receiving on social media.
She reads them and sip juice, while she laugh out loudly.
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