Our goal in education is to provide every child with the opportunity to develop holistically and maximise his or her potential in a good school that is Salvation International School.

What Makes A Good School?

1. A good school cares for its students, studying and knowing the needs, interests and strengths of her students and motivates them to learn and grow.
2. A good school ensures all students acquire strong fundamentals of literacy and numeracy and develops them holistically, in character, knowledge and critical competencies.
3. A good school creates a positive school experience for each student, making him a confident and lifelong learner.
4. A good school has caring and competent teachers who are steadfast in their mission to impact lives.
5. A good school has the support of parents and the community, working together to bring out the best in our children, and
6. A good school cares for and provides opportunities to all students, regardless of family circumstances.

Fill in your contact information in the link, and one of our Total Child Education Ambassador will contact you shortly to walk you through how Salvation International School can help your child learn and develop to their best ability. :



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