Shame on you for selling out so ‘cheaply’ – Reno blasts Charly boy

Shame on you for selling out so ‘cheaply

Reno Omokri, a former media aide to former president Goodluck Jonathan, has expressed his disappointment with a popular entertainer, Charles Oputa, popularly known as Charly Boy for allegedly soliciting support from Festus Keyamo, a former spokesman of the Muhammadu Buhari Presidential Campaign Organization.

A human rights activist, Deji Adeyanju had alleged that Charlyboy compromised the course of the advocacy group, Our Mumu Don Do Movement by collecting money from Keyamo, leading to his resignation as a member of the group.

Expressing his disappointment on social media, Omokri wondered how Charly Boy allegedly sold out despite his integrity over the years.

“And as for you Charly Boy, I admired you when I was a child. You have built up such a formidable mystique. Why allow an odious fellow like Festus (Stephanie Otobo) Keyamo rubbish what you have built over the years? Why sell out so cheaply?

“When you, Charly Boy were a star in the 80s, where was Festus (Stephanie Otobo) Keyamo? You used to be a respected legendary icon. Who should be bribing who between you and that ambulance chaser called Keyamo? Oh, I am so disappointed!

“Charly Boy, I went to your concert at Trade Fair Complex as a teenager in 1990. I saw you physically. I spent my pocket money on you. I can still sing 1990, your hit 1989 song. Why have you chosen to make me ashamed of you in my middle age?”, he asked.

While calling on the Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC) and the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission to investigate the leaked tape and do the needful, Omokri described Keyamo as a gutter-born and loud mouth guttersnipe fellow.

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“Dear INEC and EFFC, have you listened to the tape of Charly Boy, admitting to collecting bribe from Buhari’s campaign through Festus (Stephanie Otobo) Keyamo, to slander PDP’s Atiku? Is this not against the Electoral Act?” he queried.

“We know Festus (Stephanie Otobo) to be gutter-born, gutter raised and gutter destined (unless he changes). But you, Keyamo to be gutter-born, gutter raised and gutter destined (unless he changes). But you Area Fada were born to an honourable man/family. No matter how much money gutter gives you, you shouldn’t stoop to collect it!

Even if you, Charly Boy want to collect bribe, don’t you have sense in that your gorimapa head to know that you should not have taken it from a loud mouth guttersnipe like Festus (Stephanie Otobo) Keyamo, who has been casting your matter?

“Festus (Stephanie Otobo) Keyamo is Nigeria’s most notorious gossip. Is that the type of person you, Charly Boy, expect will give you bribe and will not cast your matter to anyone who cares to listen? Oh, Charly! First Gbenga Daniel. Now you!

“A week ago, you claimed you saw your late father, Justice Chukwudifu Oputa, in a dream. Perhaps your father was not crying for the rot in the judiciary, as you claimed. Perhaps, he was crying for the rot in his son. Shame on you Charly Boy!”


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