Starboy Terri Reveals Wizkid Didnt Do Much To Promote Him

Starboy Terri Reveals Wizkid Didnt Do Much To Promote Him…
Wizkid’s Starboy Entertainment former act Terry Ryn popularly known as Starboy Terri has come out with his experience while he was with Wizkid’s record label.


According to him, he wasn’t given enough promotion as an artiste with his potentials should get when he was at Starboy Entertainment. He revealed this on a now deleted tweet via his official twitter handle @starboyterri . Here is what he tweeted:


“God save terri, for 2 years straight, had no manager, no team, no plans, nothing to follow. Grateful for @iamtheOsagie and @TheMosesJohnson for starting my first step last May 2020.”



Starboy Terri Reveals Wizkid Didnt Do Much To Promote Him



Incase you wondering what he meant by the step they started in May 2020, he released his first body of work, a 7 track EP that houses the following songs:


1) Wake Up
2) My Chest
3) Balance
4) Ojoro
5) Doo
6) Ode
7) Kill Man


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The EP was released under Starboy Entertainment. The label shot 2 videos from the EP ‘Ojoro’ and ‘Kill Man’, which are the most popular songs of the EP. At this time, people began to get answer to the questions they have been asking after Wizkid unveiled him as his artiste via the song ‘Soco.’


‘Soco’ became a street anthem but then we only see Terri in Wizkids concerts and shows. Nothing new from him as an artiste of the label. Just performances on Wizkids concerts. Peole began to doubt if he had a contract with the label as Wizkid claimed or he is just a guy Wizkid is helping to get fame. The popular questions from Terri fanbase are as follows ‘What is Wizkid Doing With Terri That He Is Not On The Spot He Should Be? Why Is He Still Struggling To Get A Shine Under A Record Label With Massive Following As Starboy Entertainment?


The EP didnt get enough recognition as it should. Terri didnt get the award nominations, we didnt get a Terri concert, and as good as the songs with videos, only Terri stans and music heads will recognise him whenever his name is mentioned.



Starboy Terri Reveals Wizkid Didnt Do Much To Promote Him…
I would put it on Terri and the Starboy Entertainment label, he on his part relied toomuch on the label. He had social media to sell himself like other artiste do now but he didnt use it. The label management on their part should have given terri his own management to ease the work load on Wizkids crew. I know Wizkids schedule would be very tasking for them to even have time for another artiste. They would have created another management team for him. Terri is too talented to stay in the background.


When he came back around with his recent single, ‘Come Around’ on the 4th of February, i was like, “Damn! Thats a hit. Proper Terri material.” I know you would react same way if you have been looking forward to the day he would leave Wizkid’s shadow and stand out as an artiste.


This revelation of his having his own management team is a great news to us all that has been loking forward to Terri mounting his presence in the Nigerian music industry. I look forward to more good music from him.


Starboy Terri Reveals Wizkid Didnt Do Much To Promote Him…
Have you listened to the song ‘Come Around?’ How would tou rate it over 10? Let us know by commenting below. Thanks for reading.



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