Truth or Dare Game Gone Wrong Why?

Truth or Dare game is no new game to you if you are 18 and above. You must have played it, watched people play it, or heard about it. Did it ever go way more than you expected? Here is my experience…

I was invited to a film production camp that was to last for two weeks by my friends. Actually they are both co producing and directing the movie. At the camp, I was introduced to a guy I will be sharing a room with. He will be working as the assistant camera man but what I would be doing in the production he wasn’t told so he saw me as one of the production assistants. At our first meeting, I could tell he was a womanizer. I spot him several times looking lustfully at some girls that were in camp with us. The most notable one was his winking at our make up artiste while we were having a production meeting on how to go about the shooting schedule. His eyes were all over her. At one ocassion, their eyes met and she smiled. He smiled too. I know you will be wondering why I wasn’t focused on the meeting as well.
I worked as the production manager of that movie. Before our general meeting, I had a meeting with the top crew members of the production on which we discussed what we were discussing with others at that meeting. Two hours after the meeting, I was in my room resting when I heard a knock on the door. I know it was him. When I opened the door, he wasn’t alone. He was with her. “‘Good evening sir.”
“Good evening angel ”
I managed to reply and walked back to take my sleeping position and made sure I slept in a way the bed will contain the three of us incase she decides to sleep over. Some minutes on the bed, I snored as if I was fast asleep. Its to inform them that I won’t disturb incase they decide to become intimate with each other. The normal me is a light sleeper. I will hear if you drop a pin on the floor while I am asleep. Sharp guy, the moment he heard me snore I heard,
“Do you know the Truth or Dare Game?'”
“offcourse I know the game. Only a novice won’t know it.”
“Lets play it.”

Before then, they talked about each others family, why they chose to do what brought them to the camp, how many years they have been doing it, their most challenging experiences working in the entertainment industry, and every issue trending in the country.

“I will go first”
“You don’t have courtesy. A gentle man will let the lady go first.”
“Pardon my lack of courtesy. I forgot ladies first. But the ladies first don’t work with us African men.”
“Its because you African men are not romantic.’
“Are you kidding? We are the most romantic men in the world. We treat our ladies like the Queens they are. That is why an African man hardly divorce when they get married. Can you say same of our counterparts abroad?
“Being in a marriage for a lifetime does not mean you enjoy it. Majority of the times its a responsibility we have to endure for society, our family members, and our children. Our society has this unfair mentality that a woman should be married at least in her late twenties. Any woman that has passed that age and is yet to get a ring on her finger becomes a burden to her family. Why a lot of women endure a marriage they don’t enjoy. Just to leave that circle. Is it same for you men?”
“Hmmmmmm. Lets play the truth or dare game, abeg. If we continue on this we could be on it all day. Oya, go first”
“Truth or dare”
“I dare you to undress. I want to see how you look on only boxers.”
I have already started enjoying their conversation. My curiosity wanted me to turn and lie on my back so I can get a clear view of him undressing. I objected and decided to stay still. His belt head hit the tile of the floor as he drops his jean trouser.
“Wow! I love your flat tommy. I know you will have great abs. I don’t like guys with big tummy.”
“That means I passed. My turn. Truth or Dare?”
“Okay. Why did you ask me to undress.”
“I already told you, I wanted to see your abs.”
“Only my abs?”
“Yes. Just your abs.”
“My turn now. Truth or Dare.”
“I dare you to remain undressed for the rest of the night.”
I did not see his face but I can tell he smiled. Our girl is game on. I must see the end of this.
“Truth or Dare.”
“Okay. When last did you get kissed by an undressed guy?”
“Its personal.”
“I can tell you did not enjoy it. If you did you would be glad to share it with me. I can kiss you in ways you have never been kissed before. Your turn.
It took about 30 seconds before I heard her voice.
“Okay. When last did you have s-e-x?”
Another silence. Then the bed started vibrating. I could feel them in cloud nine. Her m-o-a-n-i-n-g tells me he is a pro at this. Just a few minutes into it and she has already started m-o-a-n-i-n-g? He is truly a pro. Then I heard,
“Stop Kelly! Stop! I love my boyfriend. We can’t do this. I am sorry.”
Next thing, I heard a loud sound from the door. She jammed it in Anger. She must have been disappointed with herself for letting her guards down. My guy couldnt believe it himself. I heard him dialed her number several times without her picking up. I cant tell if he slept that night because I woke up to him watching a series movie on his phone.
For the rest of our stay in that camp, they did not talk to each other. She kept avoiding him even when he made attempts to redeem their relationship.

Why did I tell you this experience? The Truth or Dare game is not something you should enrgage in if you are not ready to get intimate with the person bringing it up. A lot of the times it is us, the guys that bring it up to get quick s-e-x from you ladies. We know you love to proove yourself strong, we know we can use it to get s-e-x from you. A lot of us are masters in this that we know the right questions to ask and how to dare you to get you in bed, like my guy in this experience. The mood of the Truth of Dare game Is always s-ex-ual. We won’t dare you to do normal things. Its not fun. Its the extraordinary things we dare you to do and the mood the Truth or Dare Game put you that makes the game interesting. If you have ever played the game or been in an environment where the game is played, you would agree with me that it is always s-ex-ual. If you get in the game, you loose all your defense senses like the girl in the experience. She loves her boyfriend. She knows she is into a serious relationship. But then, this guy with a sugar coated tongue or honey mouth like I like to call them, comes around. A master in the game. He knows how to get her attention, what to tell her, and the right place to do it. I believe she must have told him she is in a relationship, but she ended up in our room, one on one with him. They might have gotten too far before she realise she is in a serious relationship if I wasn’t in the room. I believe my being in the room made the athmosphere less condusive for her to loose her guard senses totally. Why she realized she has to stop before it gets too far. You might not have a third person in the room when yours happen so be guarded against playing the ‘Truth or Dare’, game. If you know you are not into the person you want to play the game with, you don’t want to date them or go down with them s-ex-ually. I advice you end it soon as they bring it up. let them know you are not interested, and stand by your word. If they bring it up at a party and everyone is getting into it and you are not okay with it, please leave that party immediately because if you don’t leave, you might be tempted to get in by seeing others play it. The game stir up your s-ex-ual senses. It gets them alive. It turns them on.
Have you had a ‘Truth or Dare’, experience that went way more than you expected? What was it like? let us know by commenting. Lets learn from one another.




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