Tunde Ednut Laments Being Deleted From Instagram Again

Tunde Ednut Laments Being Deleted From Instagram Again…
When Tunde Ednut’s account on Instagram was deleted few weeks back, a lot of it became a buzz on social media as he is the most pooular social media influencer in Nigeria. Probably for his giveaways and the ever hillarious contents updates he post daily.

Many people were of the opinion that he deserves it as he is always fond of dragging their favorite celebrities like Wizkid, and Erica Nlewedim. Many were of the opinion that he is blunt with words like he says what he wants to say without considering the emotions of whomever he is referring to. Some have even acused him of being an internet bully and content theif as he uses their contents without giving them due credits.

Tunde Ednut Laments Being Deleted From Instagram Again…
However, his fans and friends lamented how much they would miss his page and contents and adviced he get a new one and start up fron the scratch that they are solidly behind him and would give him the support he require to get to his over two million followers he lost with the deleted account as they reached out to him on twitter.

3 days ago, the social media community went on a buzz again as Tunde Ednut came back on Instagram as @Kingtundeednut with a goal to reach 1 million followers in 48 hours. We brought the report to you here:



His first updates were that of his celebrity friends Don Jazzy, Chigurl, and Mr Macaroni informing their fans that he is back, they should go show him love by following him again. Other celebrities including Laycon who didn’t make a video, posted his new Instagram handle as updates asking their fans to go show him love by following him. In just 4 hours, Tunde Ednut got more than 500 thousand followers. He then promised to make one of his followers a millionaire by giving him or her 1 million Naira. He also promised to buy a Car for another of his follower. Before 3 days, he has gotten over 1 million followers, his quick come back became a buzz on social media. Then, he started posting contents as usual. In one of the contents, he called out Wizkid for snubbing all the shades he threw at him, and threw shades on everyone that wants his down fall bragging about how fast his new account is growing.

Next thing we obssrved, the Mr Macaroni video he posted asking his followers to go show Tunde Ednut love by following his new Instagram handle, had been deleted. Rumours has it that Tunde Ednut unfolowed and blocked him as well, because he adviced Tunde Ednut to stop dragging people on his page and try to do away with things that might have been the reason his former account was deleted.

Tunde Ednut Laments Being Deleted From Instagram Again…
Then i was like, “he has started again. He might get deleted again.” A few hours later, he started trending on Twitter. I checked the trend and it was what i predicted. His new Instagram account with over 1 million followers has been deleted again. Some were of the opinion that he suspended the account himself to see how people would react, until he started lamenting ob twitter over his new Instagram account being deleted in a thread of tweets that are as follows:

“@TundeEddnut – Fvck!!! you IG”

“I’m still trying to find a way to free myself from my village people.”

“I really don’t know, honestly I’m getting tired. Any advice on what is wrong or how I can resolve this IG issue?”


Tunde Ednut Laments Being Deleted From Instagram Again

“For God’s sake I give offering and I pay my tithe, why are all this bad things happening to me?”

“But on a second thought. Thank you Lord for giving me some other sources of income, if not I for don kpeme. I’m sorry I doubted you”

“At this moment, I feel exactly the way I felt when I had my first heartbreak with my first love. If I could overcome that, I can overcome this. All is well. I speak it into existence.”

“I will be back!!!”


Tunde Ednut Lament Being Deleted From Instagram Again

Tunde Ednut Laments Being Deleted From Instagram Again…
What do you think about this? Will Tunde Ednut still repeat same traits that made his first and second Instagram accounts got deleted if he cones back?
Let us know by commenting below. Thanks for reading.




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