Volunteer Medical Team: Zakzaky Needs Urgent Transfer outside Nigeria


TEHRAN (FNA)- Dr. Pourrahim Najafabadi, MD, says Sheikh Zakzaky needs to be cured by an experienced medical team of physicians in a specialized multi-specialty hospital outside Nigeria, since there is no such medical center in the African country.
Speaking in an exclusive interview with FNA, he shed light on the medical conditions of Sheikh Ibrahim Zakzaky, top Nigerian Muslim cleric, who has been illegally kept and deprived of proper medical treatment by the Nigerian government.

Hamed Pourrahim Najafabadi, MD, is the founder and spokesperson of a group of expert physicians who have volunteered to treat Sheikh Zakzaky.

Blow is the full text of the interview:

Q: In what aspects does Sheikh Zakzaky need immediate treatment?

A: Based on the medical history, examinations and tests, plus the clinical status of and the description of his health, he has been suffering from a number of chronic and acute diseases: poisoning by lead and cadmium is the main issue, making his health condition seriously deteriorating. The heart is in a dangerous condition with the high blood pressure. It has resulted in ischemic heart disease and enlargement of the left ventricle. Taking out the bullets from his body organs, including the eyes, brain, chest, and limbs has led to excessive level of lead in his blood. There are ophthalmology problems as an eye is completely blind and the other eye is exposed to blindness. The cervical spine is damaged, which has caused nerve and brain symptoms such as paralysis of the upper limbs (hands). The Immune system has been suppressed; a simple infection may cause sepsis and irreversible consequences. There is also a disorder of liver and thyroid reported.

Q: Is it possible to cure Sheikh Zakzaky in Nigeria?

A: Based on investigations and reports, there are no specialized multi-specialty hospitals in Nigeria to provide the needed medical treatment to Sheikh. There needs to hire an extremely experienced medical team with expertise in all domains to provide all the needed medical treatments without any delay. Such services, medications and experienced medical teams are not available in Nigeria. Considering all the factors therefore Sheikh needs to be transferred to another country where high level medical treatment is available. We have formed a team of outstanding professors who are extremely experienced in all the fields, ready to give him all the necessary medical treatment in any country. As a matter of urgency, we therefore strongly recommend Sheikh be allowed access to such health facilities outside Nigeria, on medical and humanitarian grounds.

Q: How much would his clinical conditions aggravate if the Sheikh is not provided with urgent hospital treatment?

A: With the current physical condition of the Sheikh, especially the virulent lead poisoning, Sheikh’s life is seriously at risk by delayed treatment. Meanwhile, there is a need for special medical care even in case of complete medical treatment. There is serious risk to Sheikh’s life if he is kept under detention.


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