Wisekid Defrauds Wizkid Off Over 180 Million Naira


Wisekid Defrauds Wizkid Off Over 180 Million Naira…
Reports reaching us say an upcoming artiste that goes by the name Wisekid has defrauded Wizkid off over 180 Million Naira off stream from different streaming platforms including Apple Music, Tidal, Shazam, and Amazon by pirating wizkid’s 2020 Made In Lagos Album.



According to the reports, he made his own version of the album which he titled LASGIDI MADE that houses the songs from Wizkids MADE IN LAGOS album to divert sreams meant for the original Wizkid album. The reports say he makes nothing less than 30 Million Naira monthly and has been reaping from it since Wizkid dropped the album on the 30th of October 2020.





He got noticed when he tweeted a streaming chart the LASGIDI MADE album has been enjoying on the Apple music streaming platform. The album has amassed a total of 9.3 million streams and gets an average 133.6k daily play from Nigeria, USA, London, and other parts of the world . It has also had a total of 1.2k songs purchase.



Wisekid Defrauds Wizkid Off Over 180 Million Naira



A lot of Nigerian music heads on twitter who saw the chart and were impressed with the numbers his music is pulling on the platform and has not heard of him or his songs, thought he was another underrated underground musician that could become a diamond in the Nigerian music industry like Omah Lay, so they checked him up on all the streaming platforms mentioned above and discovered he has been diverting Wizkid’s streams to himself. The numbers on the chart amounts from the streams he share with Wizkid by the streams his LASGIDI MADE album gets.



Wisekid Defrauds Wizkid Off Over 180 Million Naira…
On discovery, they blew the fraud alert whistle on twitter for people to be aware so they dont help him defraud Wizkid off streams of his MADE IN LAGOS album. On knowing that his foul means of earning from the streaming platforms has been exposed, Wisekid tweeted the following thread:


“@wisekidaya – Pls I don’t want wahala oo .. I’m just an upcoming artist I know nothing about this and please am not the one distributing wizkid album on apply music . I have my company that distributes my music for me so I know nothing about this news spreading all over the internet




“@wisekidaya – I didn’t share wizkid streams oo.
I don’t know who that oo.”




“I don’t know who do that oo
I just access my apple artist name I saw streams I just wanted to get people check me out nothing more oo.”





“Freeme digital been the one distribute all my songs.”





Freeme Digital, the music distribution company that he mentioned, has issued a statement denying their involvement in the fraudulent act, via their official twitter handle @freemedigital. Here is their tweet:


“It has come to our notice that an artiste by the name of “Wisekid” claims to distribute an album titled ‘Lasgidi Made’ with our organization.


While it is true that he distributes some of his content through our organization, we will like to make it categorically clear that the said, ‘Lasgidi Made’ album was not distributed via our platform.


For the purpose of transparency, we have attached below screenshots of the songs/albums that Wisekid distributed through our platform.


Freeme Digital as an organization strongly stands against copyright infringement, illegal use of content and digital piracy.


we will be deleting the rest of Wisekid’s content on our platform and we have informed our legal team to immediately commence investigation on the issue and prosecute the matter to the full extent of the law.”






Wisekid Defrauds Wizkid Off Over 180 Million Naira



As much as Freeme Digital has given a statement on the issue denying their involvement in the content fraud, some twitter users are of the opinion that they are guilty as they tweeted the following and deleted it soon as they realize it could implicate them of the case is taken to court:


“Please note that distributing cover songs is not illegal and due to the thousands of contents we receive daily, it can be easy to miss such delicate situation such as this issue with wisekid.”




@OfficiahTz tweeted this in reply to them:


“So why post this and delete immediately. I just don’t trust you’ll.”



“@Drakid7 – But why say a whole craap about the issue and later delete it.”





“@prec1234567 – If you like blow all the grammar in the world.. You and wisekid did this.Yall must pay for damages!”





Wisekid Defrauds Wizkid Off Over 180 Million Naira…
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